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This is a 15:00-20:00 workout

Category: Threshold – a sustainable “pushing the boundaries of our limits” grind.

Goal: Strive to clear one round in 5:00-6:00. Select loading and distances that allows for this. A 7:00 effort on rounds 1 & 2 is not the intended stimulus for today.

The score is the time it takes to complete the workout.


A 400m run should take about ~1:45-2:15. We will run at a pace that is pushing while still setting us up to get straight on the barbell for the Power Cleans.


10 moderately heavy Power Cleans should take ~1:00-1:30. When selecting the load, we should be able to 10 repetitions consecutively. We may choose to break it up in the workout, but this loading should not be incredibly heavy for 10 repetitions.


A 500/450m Row should take ~1:45-2:15. While we shouldn’t move slow on the Row, we want the 1:45-2:10 time frame to be a pace that allows a quick transition to the Push Jerk. The goal is to minimize rest.


10 moderately heavy Push Jerks should take less than 1:00. We are looking to go unbroken or 2 quick sets. Select a load that can be completed in one set when fresh and two sets when fatigued.


“It’s only 3 Rounds!” The classic famous last words. Yes, it’s 3 rounds, but each round will likely take anywhere between 5:00-6:30.

The Run and Row alone will consume ~3:30-4:00, therefore we must move faster on the barbell.

Make the barbell the priority! This means conserving enough energy on the Run and Row to pick up the barbell quickly and push for 1-2 sets on the Power Clean (or quick singles), and unbroken on the Push Jerk. Try to hold yourself to only ONE break if you must. This will be a challenge, but we can rise to the occasion 🙂


“Snack Bar” (Time)


3 Rounds For Time:

400 Meter Run

10 Power Cleans

500/450 Meter Row

10 Push Jerks

22 min Time Cap


400m Run, 500/450m Row, 25/18 Bike





Basics-200 Run, 200 Row, PVC/BB Power Clean/ Push Jerk