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We have a two part workout today.

Part 1 – Build to heavy double touch and go Power Snatch (2-2-2-2-2).

The goal is to find a heavy load for the day, but not necessarily a 2 rep max.

Part 2 – Is the Workout of the Day – “Remain Calm”

Time Stimulus: 10:00

Goal: To earn at least 1:00 rest for the Power Snatches. See below for suggestions on how to scale appropriately.

Category: Threshold – we cannot over-pace the first 4 rounds or we will run out of time for Power Snatches.


We will perform 5 sets of 2 repetitions. The repetitions should be touch and go.

Increase loads across all 5 sets.

If we have newer athletes, consider increasing the rep count to 5 and keep the loading very light. This is a great time to practice.


A 200m run should take about ~1:00, give or take :10. If we cannot complete the 200m Run in under 1:15, we should reduce the distance to 150m.


30 Air Squats should take ~1:00. If we cannot complete 30 Air Squats in under 1:00, reduce the number to 20.


We should have between 1:00-2:00 of Snatch time depending on our speed in the first part. We should be able to cycle sets of 5 repetitions at the chosen loading. Singles will likely be the popular choice, but this a choice not a necessity because the bar is too heavy.


We cannot over-pace on the Air Squat/Run or we will run out of time for Power Snatches.

Push on the Air Squats! Think of pulling yourself to the bottom of the Squat vs. gliding or dropping. This will increase the speed on the way up as well. Move with purpose!

While 30 Squats wouldn’t be categorized as a ‘high’ rep scheme, they will catch up on you. Ease into the first 100m of the Run and pick up the pace on the way back.

By the end of the 4th round, the legs are going to feel very fatigued. This will effect the Power Snatch, so be ready to hit fast singles until the legs come back, or for the remaining time.

If we have 1:00 of Power Snatches, aim for 10-15 reps. This will be a challenge, but you’ll be glad you pushed at the end 😉


Power Snatch 2-2-2-2-2

2: Power Snatch

2: Power Snatch

2: Power Snatch

2: Power Snatch

2: Power Snatch


“Remain Calm” (AMRAP – Reps)



4 Rounds:

30 Air Squats

200 Meter Run

In Time Remaining: Max Power Snatches

Score = Number of power snatches


250/200m Row or 15/12 Cal Bike


RX -95/65#

50-59 -75/55#


Basics-8 AMRAP, 15 Air Squats, 100m RunPVC/BB