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Time Stimulus: 15:00-20:00

Goal: Each section of this workout should take ~6:00. The goal is to be under 20:00, which will mean scaling reps, loads, distances, or all three. The challenge is finishing in under 20:00, not doing all the work in 25:00.

One round of the triplet should take ~6:00.

Category: Threshold – we move at a pace that is fast yet sustainable. This isn’t a comfortable pace, but it’s manageable.


15 Deadlifts at a lighter load should take about ~:30 unbroken. If we break once, it may push to ~:45. This is a load we can always do 2 sets, but never need 3.


10 Push Press at a moderate load should take ~:30 unbroken. The loading will feel heavier when we move it from the shoulder-to-overhead, but we should still be able to clear 10 reps in no more than 2 sets, which may push the time to ~1:00.


5 Bar Muscle Ups is quick! It should take about :30 unbroken. The number of Bar Muscle-Ups we choose to do should be unbroken. If we are breaking the BMU, and the Push Press AND the Deadlift, we will not be able to hold a ~6:00 round unless the breaks are :5 and under.


A 1500m Row should take ~5:00-6:30. This distance is the same for both genders. If we cannot complete 1500m in under 7:00, scale the distance to 1750m.


The 3-round sections of this workout (DL/PP/BMU) are fast.

We suggest one quick break on the Deadlift, and unbroken on the Push Press and Bar Muscle-Up.

When thinking about loading and reps, keep in mind that a 2:00 round is the goal, not 3:00.

We can recover and slow down a little more on the Rower, where we are looking for a smooth and sustainable rate.

This could be :10-15 slower than a regular 2000m pace for time. Replenish here for the 3 rounds coming.

In the last 3-rounds section, build speed across the rounds.

Take one quick break on the Push Press if needed, but be ready to pick it back up quickly.

On the last round…GO FOR IT!!


“Row Your Boat” (Time)


For Time:

3 Rounds:

15 Deadlifts

10 Push Press

5 Bar Muscle-ups

Directly Into…

1500m Row

Directly Into…

3 Rounds:

15 Deadlifts

10 Push Press

5 Bar Muscle-ups

22 min Time Cap


1200m Run


RX-135/95#, Burpee Pull Ups

50-59-105/75#, Burpee Jumping PU

60+-95/65#, Burpee Ring Row

Basics-9 DL, 5 PP, 3 Ring Rows, 500m Row