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Overall time of workout: 25:00

Time Stimulus: 15:00

Category: Sprint! We start each AMRAP with a 400m Run as a Buy-In, then we try to clear as many rounds and reps as possible within the remaining time of Front Squats and BBJO’s.

The Front Squat reps decrease and the loading increases for every new AMRAP.

Goal: 2+ Rounds (1 Round = ~1:30-2:00)

Score = The number of rounds and reps accumulated. The Run doesn’t count towards scoring.


A 400m run should take about ~1:30-2:00. If we cannot complete the 400m Run in under 2:15, we should reduce the distance to 300m. This will allow for an appropriate amount of time on the FS & BBJO’s.


Each set of Front Squats (12, 9 and 6), should be clear in unbroken sets. Think about a loading that allows for 20 repetitions when fresh. This workout is so quick that anytime spent off the bar will dramatically affect intensity. We shouldn’t need to spend any longer than :30 on on the Front Squat once the bar is off the ground.


6 Burpee Box Jumps should take about :30-1:00.


For the 400m Run, run faster than you normally would for a ‘rounds for time’ workout.

We are only running one time per AMRAP and need to earn a decent amount of time on the Front Squat and Burpee Box Jump Over.

That been said, we do not need to give a max effort. This is not a 400m sprint for time. Leave some in the tank!

Take three deep breaths and clean the barbell up. The Front Squats can be smooth and steady – think a 1-2 second pause at the top. Unbroken repetitions is the goal!

For the first round, stay steady on the BBJO, but once round two rolls around, push the pedal! At this point, we will be striving to finish the BBJO’s or get back to the barbell and clear as many Front Squats as we can.


“Poker Face” RUN/ROW FS BBJO (3 Rounds for reps)

“Poker Face”


Buy-In: 400m Run/ 500m Row

Max Rounds:

12 Front Squats

6 Burpee Box Jump Overs

Rest 5 Minutes


Buy-In: 400m Run/ 500m Row

Max Rounds:

9 Front Squats

6 Burpee Box Jump Overs

Rest 5 Minutes


Buy-In: 400m Run/ 500m Row

Max Rounds:

6 Front Squats

6 Burpee Box Jump Overs

RX+-115/85#, 135/95#, 155/105# 24/20″

RX -75/55#, 95/65#, 105/75#, 24/20″

50-59 –55/45#, 75/55#, 95/65#, 20/16#

60+-45/35#, 55/45#, 65/55# Step Ups

Basics-4 AMRAP -200m Run, 4 PVC/BB FS, 2 Burpee Box Step Ups