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Time Stimulus: 12:00-20:00 workout – Some athletes will move very quickly on this workout. To make sure this workout doesn’t turn into a 20:00+ stimulus, we should reduce the loading and/or repetitions.

Category: Threshold

Goal: Steady singles or 1-2 sets on the Power Cleans / 2 sets on the Push Jerks

We have 1600m of Running (1-mile); 42 Power Cleans; 42 Push Jerks


200m of running should take ~1:00 consistently


We should choose a weight with which we can do a rep every :05 and could complete all reps unbroken when fresh.


Choose a weight that would only require one break on the set of 15 and 12. The set of 9 and 6 should be unbroken. If we have to break more than once on the set of 15, consider reducing the load. Another consideration could be to keep the load but opt for a rep scheme of 12-9-6-3.


The Power Cleans are moderately heavy and can be cycled with ease, but it still may be a smart idea to opt for quick singles for the sets of 15 & 12. That been said, if this load and movement is not problematic for you, then push harder and go for unbroken or two sets! What’s the worst that could happen šŸ˜‰

Move with some fire on the Run, but be cautious to not over do it. especially while needing the lower body on the barbell.

Attack the Push Jerks! Every break requires an additional Clean before being able to go overhead. We don’t want more work than we need.

The reps decrease, push a little harderā€¦especially towards the end! Own the barbell. Enjoy the journey!


“Rattlesnake” (Time)


15 Power Cleans

12 Power Cleans

9 Power Cleans

6 Power Cleans

6 Push Jerks

9 Push Jerks

12 Push Jerks

15 Push Jerks

Run 200m after each movement

22 min Time Cap


250/200m Row 500/450m Bike





Basics-9-6-3-3-6-9, 100m Run between, PVC/BB