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Time Stimulus: This is a 20:00 to 25:00 workout.

Category: Pacer – less volume per set with quicker rests will help pace

Goal: To pick a pace that allows you to keep moving with minimal rest breaks. Think Dory from “Finding Nemo” – Just keep swimming…just keep swimming…

Score: This is a “For Time” workout. The score is the time it takes to complete the workout.


1 mile should take between 7:00-9:00. If you cannot keep your mile within this time domain, OR running a 7:00-9:00 mile will put you in the hurt locker, scale the distance to 1200m.


60 Pistols or Lunges should take no more than 4:00, at a steady pace. We should be able to clear 60 reps in 6 sets of 10 with a quick :05 rest between sets, or 4 sets of 15, etc. To do all 60 reps, we should be able to clear 20 repetitions without needing stop. Remember our Goal above – this should take no longer than 4:00.


50 Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups should be completed in 4:00 or less. An individual attempting this RX should be capable of clearing 8-10 Pull Ups with ease. Again, we will keep rest breaks short. If we are comfortable with 3-5 reps per set, reduce the number to 30 repetitions.


40 Bar-Facing Burpees should be completed in no more than 4:00, although some athletes might stretch to 5:00 here. If 5:00 is likely, reduce volume on a different movement to allow for a ~25:00 finish. We should not need to go the time end range on all movements.


This is “Isabel”…after ~20 minutes of work. You can attack this with fast singles, but you need to be able to hold sets of 5 reps consecutively at the chosen loading. This means that you should be capable of 10+ reps consecutively when you are fresh


Josh Bridges (former CrossFit Games athlete) famously said about the CrossFit hero workout Murph, “You can’t win that workout in the first mile, but you sure as @#$% can lose it.” This is important to remember as we open this workout with 7-9 minutes of cardio.

Our goal should be to find – for every movement involved – a pace that allows constant movement.

There shouldn’t be any single movement that causes a serious sticking point.

Be honest with yourself about your ability to maintain a given pace or speed. Load is impressive when lifted fast and well, and performing all the reps are impressive when performed within the intended time frames.

Be impressed by correct mechanics (AND intensity), and you will set yourself up for great success and long-term health!


“Chips & Dip” (Time)


For Time:

1 Mile Run

60 Alternating Pistols

50 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

40 Bar-Facing Burpees

30 Power Snatches

27 min Time Cap

“Scale for Pistols: 60 Reverse Deficit Lunges (front foot on a 45# plate, lunge backwards)


100/80 Cal Bike or 2000/1800m Row


RX-105/75#, Chin over PU

50-59-95/65#, Jumping PU, Def Rev Lunges

60+-75/55#, Ring rows, Air Squats,600m Run

Basics-400m Run, 30 Air Squats, 25 Ring Rows

20 Burpees, 15 Snatch PVC/BB