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We have a two-part workout today:

Part 1 – Every 2:00 for 10:00, working to establish a heavy double ‘touch & go’ Power Clean (2-2-2-2-2)

Part 2 – Is the CompTrain Workout of the Day, “Power Chord”

Time: This is a 10 minute workout.

Category: Threshold – we cannot come out too aggressively on the Row if it will create poor Clean mechanics.

Goal: To finish the round of 15 Power Cleans. A high score would mean completing the round of 18 Power Cleans and stealing a handful of reps into the round of 21.

Score: The number of rounds + reps/cals in 10:00.


15/12 cals should take ~:45 seconds. This would mean Rowing at 1200+ cals/hr for males, and 960+ cals/hr for females. If it takes athletes ~1:00 they should still Row 15/12 calories.

As a threshold workout, we should attempt to keep this consistent across all rounds.

If these paces feel too aggressive (15/12 in 1:30), reduce calories to 12/10. The goal is to be able to move immediately to the barbell.


Each set of 3 Power Cleans should take no more than :15 seconds. When selecting load, athletes should be able to do 10+ reps unbroken when fresh.

As the reps increase, holding onto the bar for bigger sets will become difficult.

Try to stay unbroken until the set of 9, and then keep to as few sets as possible after that.

Singles should be fast singles – think every :05-:07.


STRATEGY & WORKOUT [40:00-50:00]

This workout is SPICY and it gets even more spicy as we go.

If you come out too hot, it’s very likely that you will pay later in the workout as your legs fatigue, forcing you to rest or slow down the Row.

Aim to hit your pace on the Row every time – to the second if you can – and commit to moving immediately to the barbell for a set of power cleans.

Things will become start to spice up during the round of 9, so have a plan for breaking up the Power Cleans.

A lift, drop, breathe, and lift again, strategy is not a bad option!

In the final minute, whichever movement you are on, SELL OUT aka GO FOR IT. Leave it all out on the floor today, team!


2: Power Clean

2: Power Clean

2: Power Clean

2: Power Clean

2: Power Clean


“Power Chord” (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)



15/12 Calorie Row

3 Power Cleans

15/12 Calorie Row

6 Power Cleans

15/12 Calorie Row

9 Power Cleans

15/12 Calorie Row

12 Power Cleans


12/9 Cal Bike or 200m Run





Basics-PVC/BB, 10 Cals

SCORE – If you completed

Row + 3 Power Cleans = 1 Round

Row + 6 Power Cleans = 2 Rounds

Row + 9 Power Cleans = 3 Rounds