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Time Stimulus: This is a 20:00 workout overall consisting of two 8:00 AMRAPS with 4:00 rest in between.

Category: Threshold

Goal: A lightly loaded, moderate volume workout means moving fast and performing big sets.

If the Run will take 3:30-5:00, we can expect to earn between ~3:00-4:30 of work on the AMRAP.

If one round of the Double Unders and Overhead Squats will take between 1:00-2:00 on average, then we can look to push for ~2-4 rounds.

NOTE: Err on the side of lighter for Overhead Squats. This is a challenging movement that requires a lot of flexibility and awareness.

Score: The number of rounds + reps of Double Unders and Overhead Squats. The 800m will not be scored.

RUN (Row = 1000m/800m or 60/45 cal Assault Bike)

An 800m Run should be cleared between 4:00-5:00.


30 Double Unders should take less than :45. On the fast end, 30 unbroken Double Unders will take ~:20. With one break it could take closer to :40. We will suggest :45 of work today. Consider practicing for :45 if DU’s are troublesome for you, but if possible, try to pick a set number to complete every round in less than :45.


15 light unbroken Thrusters should take ~30. With one break, it will take closer to 1:00. To do the RX load, we should be able to clear all 15 reps with sound mechanics for multiple rounds. If we want to use the RX load and 15 is too many, we can reduce the number to 10.


15 light unbroken Overhead Squats should take ~:30. To use the RX load, we should be able to clear 15 reps unbroken with ease for multiple rounds. This is a load that we shouldn’t have to break that often, if at all, and if we do it’s not because it’s too heavy.


An 800m Run is no small endeavor. We want to move a little faster than a regular 800m run to earn time on the DU’s and Thruster/Overhead Squat, but it would but a mistake to run at a speed that requires :30 of recovery before picking up the rope. If moving a little faster to stay under 5:00 is going to create a long recovery period, reduce the distance to 600m and run a little faster.

On approach, start to relax the arms, shake out the shoulders, and without thinking simply pick up the jump rope, breathe, and jump. The worst thing to happen is that you miss. But, the best thing could be that you surprise yourself 😉

If we selected the correct load for this workout (light), we shouldn’t have any problems clearing both the Thruster and Overhead Squat in two sets.

The remaining time will go fast AND you will have a long 4:00 recovery before the last interval.

We have to push today! We only get two opportunities to hit our relative intensity. Bring the fire!


“Buy & Hold” (2 Rounds for reps)



Buy-In: 800 Meter Run

In Remaining Time AMRAP:

30 Double Unders (45 singles)

15 Thrusters

[Rest 4 Minutes, Then…]


Buy-In: 800 Meter Run

In Remaining Time AMRAP:

30 Double Unders

15 Overhead Squats


50/35 Cal Bike or 1000/800m Row

RX+-Same as RX



60+-55/35#, 30 Singles

Basics-400m Run/Row then 2 Rounds 30 JR 8 Thruster/OHS (PVC/BB)