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15:00-25:00 workout

The lean on the Row and hinge on Toes to Bar will cause interference today. We’ll aim to manage sets of Toes to Bar and our pace on the rower.

Row (1:50-2:20/500m)

3000/2700m on the Rower today in total

Each round 500/450m on the rower should be completed in under 2:20. If we find meeting that goal time challenging, decrease the distance by 50-100m.

Toes to Bar

100 Toes to Bar in total today, in an ascending rep scheme (it’s a trap!)

Choose a variation; Toes to Bar/Space, Knees to Chest/Elbow, Sit-ups, or V-Ups, that we know we can get 5+ reps every time we hop up to the bar.


The large volume of toes to bar will affect our ability to row. You’ll feel it mostly in the lean to finish at the end of each stroke. Where it has a larger effect is in the catch position on the rower, midline fatigue will limit our ability to brace and pull hard as well. An ascending rep scheme on toes to bar is a trap, big sets in the beginning will hurt us towards the end. To manage this best, stick to small, quick sets of toes to bar and take the first 100m on the rower to settle in, aiming to start/finish each stroke in a good position before speeding up.


“ASAP as Possible” (Time)


For Time:

500/450m Row

10 Toes to Bar

500/450m Row

15 Toes to Bar

500/450m Row

20 Toes to Bar

500/450m Row

25 Toes to Bar

500/450m Row

30 Toes to Bar

500/450m Row

27 min Time Cap


27/21 Cal Bike or 400m Run

RX+-Same as RX

RX-As Written

50-59-Hanging KR

60+-Sit Ups

Basics-Half distance and reps, sit ups or

hanging KR