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Time: This is 12:00 of work with built in rest. 20:00 from start to finish.

Category: Threshold! Every interval provides an opportunity to see how hard we can go and still recover for the next round. We are aiming for over 1 round in the first interval, 2 rounds in the second interval, and ~3 rounds in the third interval.

Goal: To keep moving! Choose loads that will allow for unbroken sets, and a Toes-to-Bar variation that allows for 5+ reps every time jump to the bar. Holding on to the Pull-Up bar and Rower will make this workout grip intensive. Watch out! 😉

Score: The total rounds and reps accumulated for each AMRAP.


21/15 Calories should take ~1:00. If we can’t clear 21/15 cals in under 1:15, reduce the calories (i.e. 15/12, 12/9, 9/6)

15/12 Calories should take ~:45, and no more than 1:00.

12/9 Calories should take ~:30. Athletes should be off the rower in ~:45


21 Toes-to-Bar should be completed in :45-1:00 in 2-4 sets

15 Toes-to-Bar should be completed in :30-:45 in 2-3 sets

9 Toes-to-Bar should be completed in under :30 in 1-2 sets

Choose Variations (repetitions or movement modifications) that allow for larger sets and don’t force large periods of rest.


21 Front Squats at a light weight should take less than 1:00

15 Front Squats at a light/moderate weight should take :30-1:00

9 Front Squats at a moderate weight should take less than :30

For today, we should select a load that enables unbroken sets. If the load you wanted to use does not make that possible, reduce it to a load that is more realistic.


We’re aiming to get further and more rounds in each successive interval. If we’ve chosen the correct load for front squats and the correct variation for toes to bar, this workout should be a test of our aerobic conditioning and grip stamina. Aim to complete each round of front squats unbroken and each set of toes to bar in repeatable sets of 5 or more reps at a time. Take the row at an 85-90% pace that allows us to get off the rower and immediately hop up to the pull-up bar and rip off a big set of toes to bar. 4:00 will go by fast – get every rep you can out of it and have fun!


“Four Twenty” (3 Rounds for reps)



21/15 Calorie Row

21 Toes to Bar

21 Front Squats

[Rest 4 Minutes]


15/12 Calorie Row

15 Toes to Bar

15 Front Squats

[Rest 4 Minutes]


9/6 Calorie Row

9 Toes to Bar

9 Front Squats

Subs-400m, 200m, 100m Run, Same Calorie Bike

RX+-M-95/115/135#, F-65/85/95

RX-M-75/95/115# F 55/65/85#

50-59-M-65/75/95#, F-45/55/65#, Hanging Knee Raises

60+-M-55/65/75# F- 35/34/55#, Sit Ups

Basics-PVC/BB, Sit Ups or Hanging Knee Raises