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Today’s workout is Bench Press. You can choose to do “The Wild Side” instead.

Category: Heavy Day “Bench Press” 5×5 (w/ a mini-burner to seal the deal!)

Goal: For the Heavy Day – increase loading across all 5 sets and establish something heavy for 5 reps for the day.

Score: Log all 5 sets



We are building to a heavy set of 5 repetitions for the day. If you know your 1-Rep Max Bench Press, you can think about starting your first work set at ~75-80% and increase the loading across the 5 sets. We call this a load ascending rep scheme. Straight sets would call for keeping the load the same across all 5 sets. All sets count, even if all 5 reps are not completed (eg., if on set #3 the athlete only complete 3 out of 5 reps, the athlete will count that set (make a note in SugarWOD), and proceed.

The Wild Side”, we will time cap the workout at 26:00. The goal is to keep moving as much as possible


800m Run should take you about 4:00 and no longer than 5:00. If the run will take you more than 5:00 consider reducing the distance.


1 Wall Walk should take between :05-:10. 5 Wall walks should take you no longer than 1:30-1:45


15 Box Jump Overs should take ~:1:00-1:30.If the height of the box is too challenging to clear in 1:30 reduce the number of repetitions and/or reduce the height of the box. Alternatively, a step-over can be used and will be categorized as a modification/scale.


Encourage athletes to not rush the set-up! Remind them of the checklist – Feet, Squeeze, Drive!

Athletes should be control the bar to the sternum, not bouncing the bar off the sternum. The more control the better. Squeeze the bar down, drive the bar up!

Communicate with the spotter to ensure both parties understand the “bailing” protocol.

Athletes should make a lift every 3:00-5:00 . Lifting with less recovery in earlier sets will allow for longer rests as the sets become heavier.


Although we want to move through the Wall Walks quickly, it will be of more benefit to stabilize the supporting arm (aka straighten the arm and plant the hand) before walking backwards up the wall.

The movement sequence goes as follows – hands stay flat until both feet have made contact with the wall….then, the hands can move backwards.

At the top, we are looking for the hands to be ~6″ from the wall before the athlete can begin the descent.

On the descent, feet stay on the wall until hands are back to the starting point. (This can be marked with chalk for ease of logistics, but is not required).

Keep the midline tight through the entire movement.


5: Bench Press

5: Bench Press

5: Bench Press

5: Bench Press

5: Bench Press


“The Wild Side” (Time)


3 Rounds

800m Run

5 Wall Walks

15 Box Jump Overs

26 min Time Cap

RX+-Same as RX



60+-Step Overs, Partial Wall Walk, 600m Run

Basics-400m Run, 3 Partial WW, 8 Box Step Overs