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Time: This is a 15:00-20:00 workout. 1 round should take between 5:00-7:00 with the first round being between 5:00-6:00. Each round should not take 7:00. We will time cap the workout at 20:00 today.

Category: Threshold

Goal: Maintain a tight midline and locked out overhead position when performing the Double Dumbbell Overhead Carry. If you severaly struggle with overhead mobility, use one DB and keep the arm as straight as possible (with a lighter load).

Feel: Grippy and shoulder burn!

Score: Total time it takes to complete the workout.


A 100m Double Dumbbell Overhead Carry should take less than 2:00. When selecting a load, we should be able to establish a full lockout overhead AND walk at least 50m before resting. If we cannot stabilize overhead for 50m with the selected load, reduce it to a more appropriate load. We are looking to complete 100m with no more than 3 breaks.


75 Double Unders should take less than 1:30. Use the clock as a guide for when to move on. Scaling options include reducing the repetitions, attempts/practice in 1:30, or Single Unders.


A 50m Double Dumbbell Bear Crawl should take less than 2:00. This movement can feel a little awkward at first, but once you practice it you will figure out the sequence and flow. The shoulders will be toasty at this point in the workout, so breaks will be needed and are encouraged. Think ‘move fast with short bursts’.


25 Push-Ups should take less than 1:00 and no more than 1:30. If we cannot clear 25 Push-Ups in 2-5 sets, reduce the number to 20 or 15, and/or lower the knees to the floor or place hands on an elevated surface.



This is a polarizing workout because it can be completed very quickly if we are strong in the Overhead Carry and Bear Crawl, but if we are not it will hit us hard, quickly, and we will need to rest more than we would like.

The Overhead Carry is very challenging and may fall apart quickly, especially in rounds 2 & 3. If we do not feel “stacked” and the ribs start to flare out/arms start to bend, set the DB’s down and recover before picking them up. It’s integral that we respect the active shoulder and midline stability that the Overhead Carry demands.

It may not be a bad idea to break the Double Unders purposely to give the shoulders a quick break before tackling the Bear Crawl.

You will very likely need to take a few breaks in the Bear Crawl. Try to not push to the point of fatigue in rounds 1 & 2, but dig deep in round 3.

We all know a lot about Push-Ups! You either love them or hate them 😉 Again, try to not go to failure and stick to a set routine that will allow you to keep moving.

“The Grizzly” (Time)


3 Rounds For Time:

100m Double DB Overhead Carry

75 Double Unders (125 singles)

50m Double Dumbbell Bear Crawl

25 Push-Ups

Time Cap 22 min




60+-15/10#, 75 singles, just bear crawl

Basics-Light DB OH Carry, 75 Singles, Just Bear Crawl, 10 Push Ups on knees