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Today we will complete “Master of None” and then work to establish a heavy single on deadlift for today until the 20:00 mark

“Master of None” Should take us between 10-15 minutes, giving us 5 minute or more to build to a heavy today.

Category: This is a Threshold workout! Each today is long enough that if we come out at our absolute top speed we’ll have to slow down to continue to move. Take each movement as an opportunity to go slightly faster than we did on the one before. To do this effectively we’ll have to start at a manageable pace on the rower.

Goal: To keep moving through the whole workout today. Break challenging movements into small sets and move consistently through the less challenging ones, ensuring that we’re never standing around recovering, just always making progress.

ROW (3:00-4:00)

60/45 Calories should take 4:00 at the most

If we struggle to complete that amount of work in that time period, reduce the reps, think 50/40 or 45/36.


45 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups should take between 2:00-4:00

Chest to Bar ability may vary wildly but make sure athletes can complete 5+ reps every time they hop up to the bar

DEADLIFT (2:00-3:00)

30 Deadlifts should be completed in quick sets of 5 or more

The deadlifts will be our gut check for the day, aiming to clear them in 2-3 minutes, choose a weight on the barbell that you could hold on to for 15+ reps unbroken when fresh.


15 Bar Facing Burpees should take athletes under 2:00

2:00 gives athletes time to do 7-8 reps a minute or 1 every :09


Think of this workout as a slow build, take the row at a slightly faster than conversational pace, the Chest to bar Pull-Ups in quick sets. Then to finish, hang on for larger sets on deadlifts, knowing the end is near and then the Burpees at full sprint to finish. With that in mind, choose sets on Pull-Ups that allow you to keep moving. Similarly on Deadlifts, load the bar with a weight that allows you to rip off big chunks of the 40 reps at a time. Finish fast on the burpees, with nothing left afterwards, speed will be a measure of effort, sell out.

In the remaining time of the 20:00 clock, establish a heavy Deadlift. Take no more than 5 attempts.


“Master of None” (Time)


On a 20:00 clock

For Time:

60/45 Calorie Row

45 Pull-ups

30 Deadlifts

15 Bar-Facing Burpees

In Time Remaining Until 20:00:

Work to Establish a Heavy Single Deadlift


45/36 Cal Bike or 800m Run

RX+-225/155#, Chest to Bar

RX -185/135#

50-59 -155/115#, Jumping PU

60+ -135/95#, Ring Rows, Step Over Burpees

Basics-20 Cal Row, 20 Pull-up, 15 DL PVC/BB

8 Burpee step over PVC