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This is a Heavy Day. You can choose to do the endurance WOD “Boat Shoes” instead. The warm up and movement prep will geared to the Hang Squat Clean

Category: Heavy.

Goal: To lift as heavy as possible with sound mechanics. Increase loads every set. Critical squat points of performance include a neutral spine, heels on the ground, knees in line with the toes, full depth, and elbows high!

Score: Log all lifts. Score is heaviest set.


We set-up anywhere between the hip and the knee, typically a “mid-thigh” position, jump tall and land small. This is a fast movement and requires a lot of timing and SPEED. Today, we have 5 sets of 3 reps, which will allow for a significant amount of weight. Put mechanics of the lift first, then add more load when appropriate. If we are still working on speed and positioning, up the repetitions to 5 sets of 5 or pause at the bottom of the Squat for :3 before standing up. It is critical that we have a sound Front Squat before adding more and more load.


As we move into the work sets the jumps in load will be smaller than we used in the warm-up. The first work set is a weight that we could maybe lift for 5 reps, but not 6. Set 2 is a weight we could do for 4, but 5 would be incredibly hard. Set 3 is a weight that we only want to lift for 3 reps and it takes EVERYTHING we have! Sets 4 and 5 are where we can push for a PR or something that we have lifted before, but not in a very long time.


3: Hang Squat Clean

3: Hang Squat Clean

3: Hang Squat Clean

3: Hang Squat Clean

3: Hang Squat Clean



“Boat Shoes” (Time)


1500/1200m Row

1200m Run

Rest 3 Minutes

1000/800m Row

800m Run

Rest 3 Minutes

500/400m Row

400m Run



1200m 3000/2400m Bike

800m -2000/1600m Bike

400m -1000/800m Bike