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This is a 20:00-25:00 workout.

Category: Threshold with a descending HSPU repetition scheme. Each time you return to the HSPU the reps decrease by 3.

Goal: To hold between 4:00-5:00 rounds across. The first round should be closer to 4:00. Scale load on the Power Snatch and repetitions on the Handstand Push-up to help achieve this. If opting for the Double Dumbbell Push Press scale the load. If the first round is over 5:00, trainers will scale the difficulty mid-workout. 5:00 in the first round could mean 6:00-7:00 later on. This is too long for today.

Score: The time is takes to complete the workout.


A 400m Run should take between 1:45-2:15. Aim for 2:00. This means we will be running anywhere between ~9-12 minutes.


15 light Power Snatch should take less than 1:30. This is a load that can be performed unbroken for multiple rounds of 15 reps. In the workout, we should be able to clear 15 reps in 2-3 sets (10-5; 8-7; 6-5-4; 5-5-5). If this is not possible, scale the load to something that is appropriate. There are 75 repetitions total (“Randy” workout), and with 1.25 miles of running AND 45 shoulder to overhead movements, we cannot get hung up on the Power Snatch. We will be Snatching today for anywhere between 5-7 minutes.


15 Handstand Push-Ups should take less than 1:00. If we cannot comfortably complete 15 HSPU’s in less than 1-minute, but can perform ~3 reps consistently and with control on the descent, reduce the rep scheme to 12-9-6-3-1. Control is KEY! We can even reduce further to 9-6-3-3-1.


The same applies to the Double Dumbbell Push Press as does the HSPU. If we cannot perform 15 repetitions in less than 1:00, reduce the load and/or the repetition scheme.


STRATEGY & WORKOUT [28:00-53:00]

For the Run, push the pace a little more and be ok with being winded when you return. If you are used to using the Run as a recovery more often than not, this will be uncomfortable (but that’s ok).

Take 3 big deep breaths and try to stay on the bar for 5-10 reps every round. The legs will be a little tired, but still use them to make the bar feel lighter (legs/hips THEN arms) – just think JUMP-PUNCH!!!!

The best way to tackle HSPU’s is to not go to fatigue. With our chosen rep schemes we should be able to clear each set between 1-3 sets, but once a rep feels like a struggle or slow, come down and rest. Squeezing out another repetition and maybe failing, will require a lot more recovery.


“Rundy” (Time)


5 Rounds For Time:

400 Meter Run

15 Power Snatches

15-12-9-6-3 Handstand Push-Ups

27 min Time Cap


500/400 Row or 25/18 Cal Bike

RX+-Same as RX


50-59-65/45#, Box HSPU

60+-55/35#, 200m RUN, DB Push Press

Basics-PVC/BB 200m Row/Run, DB Push Press