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Time: This is a ~15:00 workout.

Category: Threshold/Sprint – While not necessarily metabolically devistating, the repeated use of the shoulders and strict movements will mean later rounds require rest to complete.The rounds are fast and should be approached as such.

Goal: A good goal for this workout is ~12:00.

Score: Time required to complete the workout.


25 Double Unders should take less than :30 seconds when unbroken. If athletes are tripping excessively, scale to :30 seconds of attempts. If we are not proficient at Double Unders, default to 40 Single Unders.


When fresh, 6 unbroken DB Strict Press should take no longer than ~:15 seconds. However, this will stretch CONSIDERABLY if athletes pick an inappropriate load. It should feel kind of “annoying” and not feel light. Sets of 2-3 or even singles in latter rounds are acceptable as muscle fatigue becomes the primary limiter.


DB Facing Burpees can take anywhere between :08 and :20 seconds, and should be completed without rest for all rounds. Athletes can scale to Burpees (no over DB), a No Push Up Burpee or utilize a step over if necessary.


There’s no way around it – this workout is going to get “bad”. Your best bet is to take smart, quick rests before you begin a set, and try to finish as quickly as possible.

Double Unders should be unbroken if at all possible. If you start tripping, just keep the workout going with 30 single unders. Don’t suffer unnecessarily.

Seated DB Strict Press are a special challenge – they will tax your core in a way you might not be used to in a normal strict press. Keep your belly tight as you move those dumbbells!

DB Facing Burpees – this is your chance to knock something out quickly. Get down, get up, get over, and repeat. Make the burpees the easiest part 🙂


“Chicago” (Time)


10 Rounds For Time

25 Double Unders (40 singles)

6 Seated Double DB Strict Press

4 Dumbbell Facing Burpees

17 min Time Cap




60+-15/10# 25 Singles

Basics5 Rounds – 20 Jump Ropes, Light DB


75 Vups for Time (Time)

Accumulate 75 V-Ups

Athletes must remain in hollow position at bottom of V-Up – if the feet touch the ground, that counts as a break.

Every time you break, perform a :15 second plank (hands or elbows) and then continue.Athletes may sub Single Leg V-Ups or Tuck

Ups as necessary.