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This is a 25:00 workout with 20:00 of work and a long 5:00 of rest.

Category: Threshold

Goal: For AMRAP#1 and #2 we can aim to accumulate 5+ rounds. Proficiency in the HSPU and heavier Deadlift will see some athletes with 7+ rounds.

Score: Sum total of rounds and reps accumulated for each AMRAP.


15/12 calories should take between 45-60 seconds.


9 reps unbroken should take less than 20 seconds. If we choose to do 9 reps for the workout, we should be able to easily perform all 9 in no more than 3 sets for each round and under 1:00.


9 moderately heavy Deadlifts should take less than 20 seconds unbroken. For each round the Deadlift should be completed in no more than 2 sets and less than 1:00.


Every time you get on the Rower, just start rowing. This sounds obvious, but starting is half of the battle. Depending on whether you’re coming off the HSPU/DB Press or the Deadlift, the arms or legs will feel more fatigued. Whichever function feels fresher (pulling with the arms or pushing with the legs), have that be the predominant mover until you are able to find your flow.

Break the HSPU’s early and take quick breaks. DO NOT go to fatigue, this will slow you down considerably.

The first pull of the Deadlift it again half the battle! Respect it and get it off the ground. If form breaks, take a rest. The risk is not worth the reward. We are shooting for 2-3 quick sets OR unbroken for some athletes, if the loading is appropriate.

“Think Twice” (2 Rounds for reps)



15/12 Calorie Row

9 Strict Handstand Push-ups

[Rest 5 Minutes]


15/12 Calorie Row

9 Deadlifts

Score is reps for each AMRAP


10/8 Cal Bike or 100m Run



50-59-135/95#, Box HSPU

60+-115/75#, DB Push Press

Basics-4 Rounds instead of 10 AMRAPS, 10 Cal Row, 9 DBPP, 9 DL Light