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Time: 21:00 for our Heavy day, and <=7:00 for "Fastball".
Category: Heavy Day!

Goal: Increase loading across all 9 sets and establish a heavy single front squat for the day.

For Part 2: We are looking for a high speed sprint! 7:00 or less is the target for today!


We are building to a heavy single front squat. If you know your 1RM Front Squat, you can think about starting your first work set at ~70-75% and increase the loading across the 5 sets. We call this a load ascending rep scheme. All sets count, even if all reps are not completed (eg., if on set #6 the athlete only complete 2 out of 3 reps, the athlete will count that set (make a note in WODify), and proceed.


400m Run should be completed in less than 2:00. If athletes will take longer than that, scale distance to 200m and try to push the intensity! Athletes can substitute:

30/24 cal Bike

500/400m Row or Ski


40 Wallballs should be completed in less than 2:00, and ideally in no more than 2 sets. If that is not doable for an athlete, then have them scale to a load that allows for no more than 2 sets.


This little sprint is all grit. Encourage athletes to hit the first 400m at an aggressive but not sprint pace. Then, a couple big breaths, and on to their WallBalls for a big set. If they have to break, that’s fine…but they shouldn’t get caught staring at the ball. Encourage them to get BACK to it – they never have to touch the MedBall again after they’re done!

That final 400m should be everything they have. It will take a couple steps for their legs to feel normal, but everything after that should be * *GO **.


Front Squat


5: Front Squat

5: Front Squat

5: Front Squat

3: Front Squat

3: Front Squat

3: Front Squat

1: Front Squat

1: Front Squat

1: Front Squat


“FastBall” (Time)


For Time:

400 Meter Run

40 Wallballs

400 Meter Run

7 min Time Cap


30/24 Cal Bike or 500/400m Row

RX+-Same as RX

RX-20/14#, 10/9′

50-59-14/10#, 10/8′

60+-10/6#, 10/8′ 200m Run/Row

Basics-200m Run/Row 20 Wall Balls