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Time: This is a 21:00 workout.

Category: Threshold.

Goal: Each round should take no more than 1:45, leaving at least 1:00 of rest before the next round.

Score: The load used for each round is the score.


3 Heavy Back Squats (including moving in an out of rack safely) should take no more than :30 seconds.


200m Run should take between :45 and 1:00, and should be a max effort.


SAFETY: As we are dealing with heavy external loads and a fixed apparatus (the squat rack or rig), ensure athletes are taking the extra half second to have the load SAFELY AND SECURELY on the rack before they begin their run. Additionally, have them get well clear of the rig and/or other athletes before they begin sprinting.

If athletes have picked the right load, then they’ll be through their 3 Back Squats and off the rack in <= :30 seconds, leaving themselves ~1:30 to rest after they complete their 200m Sprint. Legs will feel heavy for the first couple strides - ride it out, and try to increase your pace as you run.
In later rounds, leg fatigue and the limited rest will make it harder and harder to recover for each set of squats. STAY TIGHT! Keep pushing, rack that bar, and then get going!!!


“Quagmire” (Weight)


Every 3:00 for 21:00 (7 Sets):

3 Heavy Back Squat (Athletes Pick Load)

200m Sprint

*Score: Log all lifts. Score is heaviest set.

Subs- 250/200m Row

RX+- As written

RX- As written

50-59- As Written

60+-100m Sprint

Basics-Light Weight 100m Sprint