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Time: 20 minutes

Category: Threshold

Goal: To sustain the same number of calories per minute. This should be an uncomfortable effort.

Score: The number of calories accumulated in 20 minutes.


The Bike and Rower will tax the arms and legs (creating a higher cardio vascular response). Due to transitions, each athlete will have between 55-50 seconds to accumulate calories. In the movement prep, identify a number of calories that is sustainable for each round (maybe even easy for the first few intervals), but this effort must also require a descent effort to achieve. The goal is not to blow out in the first few rounds and have a huge drop off for remaining rounds. As we approach the later rounds, go hard and push beyond what you think is possible. But, don’t go to the dark place too soon 😉


Sprint starts!

Bike – Every time you start your interval stand up on the Bike and get the fly wheel moving fast!

Rower – Every time you get on the rower Full Pull +just arms+just arms+ full pull

Go above the pace you want to hold, then settle back to the sustainable pace. Some athletes can go for longer in the ‘sprint start’ phase (eg., 15-30 seconds), where others may only opt for a 5-10 second hard effort. You must choose the effort that will allow you sustain efforts throughout the workout.

For the Bike, it’s likely that the sprint start will not last as long, but may still be helpful for a 10-second effort!

Remember, this is a TEAM effort! Communicate and don’t be against changing the plan if it isn’t working in your favor! Go get em’ tigers!!!



“Wheelie Good Friends” – PARTNER (AMRAP – Reps)


[Part 1]

In 20 minutes accumulate

Max Calories on the Bike/Rower:

Minute 1: Partner 1

Minute 2: Partner 2

Score = Total Calories Accumulated


“Wheelie Good Friends” – INDIVIDUAL (AMRAP – Reps)


[Part 1]

In 20 minutes accumulate

Max Calories on the Bike/Rower:

Work 1 min

Rest 1 min


Tabata “Midline” (No Measure)

[Part 2]

Tabata “Midline” (8:00)

:20 of work / :10 of rest

x 4 Intervals

Tabata Side Plank (Right)

Tabata Side Plank (Left)

Tabata Hollow Hold

Tabata Front Plank

Should be done:

Side (R), Side (L), Hollow, Front x 4