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Time:**20:00-30:00 **

Category: Pacer

Goal: To complete all Thruster/Pull couplets between 4:00-6:00.

Score:**The time it takes to complete the workout


The repetitions decrease as the load increases. Each set of Thrusters should take less than 30-seconds and no more than 1 minute. This means we can spend somewhere between 4:00-9:00 for Thrusters, but shouldn’t need the full minute for all Thruster sets.


The repetitions decrease on the pull ups allowing you to maintain intensity. 12 Pull ups should be between :30-:60 with no more than 2-3 sets. 9 Pull Ups should be between :20-:45 in 2 sets or less. 6 Pull Ups should be :15-:30 preferably unbroken.

For RX+ the reps will decrease but the complexity will increase with pull ups, chest to bar pull ups and then bar muscle ups. Each variation should take between 30-seconds and 1 minute. This means we will spend somewhere between 4:00-9:00 on the gymnastic pulls.


Typically, an 800m run should take less than 5:00, but for today we are looking for closer to 4:30 and under. Consider decreasing one of the 800m to a 400m if we are not able to hold 4:00/800m. It’s possible that some faster athletes will hold 3:30 minute 800m runs. This means we will spend somewhere between 10:30-14:00 on the Runs.

All time ranges are a guide. The goal isn’t to go to the end range of each time range, but to move faster in some areas over others. If we go to the end range of each time range in this workout, it will take longer than 30:00 to complete. Modify to complete the work in


Thrusters: Try to tackle each set in 1-2 sets! USE THE HIPS!! Save the arms for the pulls!

Gymnastic Pulls: Think about the elbow position as you advance to each new pull. Elbows down, elbows back, elbows forward and straight, for longer! For our Burpee Pull-Up crew…keep it steady and don’t get caught moving away from your pull-up bar.

Run: A mile and a half of running is no small amount. Run at a pace that will allow you to pick up the barbell straight away. On the last run, pick up the pace and finish faster than you are comfortable with.


“All Star Special” (Time)


For Time

3 Rounds:

12 Thrusters

12 Pull-ups

800 Meter Run

3 Rounds:

9 Thrusters

9 Pull-ups

800 Meter Run

3 Rounds:

6 Thrusters

6 Pull Ups

800m Meter Run

30 Min Time Cap


30 Cal Bike, Row 1000/800m

RX+-95/115/135#, 65/85/95#, Pull-up, C2B, Bar MU

RX-75/95/105#, 55/65/75#

50-5965/85/95#, 45/55/65#, Jumping PU

60+-55/65/75#, 35/45/55#, Ring Rows, 400m Run

Basics-6 Thrusters 6 RIng Rows 400m Row, 4 Thr, 4 RR 400 Row, 3 Thr 3 RR 400 Row