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STRUCTURE: Today’s workout is two AMRAP8 ‘s of 15, 12, 9 Deadlifts, Box Jump Overs, and Push Jerks separated by 4:00 of rest. Athletes will decrease barbell load during the rest for their second AMRAP8

STIMULUS: A threshold interval workout

STRATEGY: Today is all about the Push Jerk- athletes can break on the Deadlifts, pace if needed on the Box Jump Overs, and hold on for 1- 2 sets on the Push Jerk

SCORING: This workout is scored by total reps completed. Athletes should log both AMRAP8 ‘s reps separately. Athletes should aim for 2 – 3 rounds per AMRAP8.

SCALING: Athletes should choose their barbell load based on their Push Jerk. It should be a weight athletes could Push Jerk for 10 unbroken when fresh.


-Deadlifts are a great place for athletes to break if need but no more than 2 quick breaks

-Athletes can Pace on the Box Jump Overs preparing to hold on for a big set of Push Jerks


“Sk8ter” (1 Rounds for reps)



15 Deadlifts

12 Box Jump Overs

9 Push Jerks

Rest 4 Minutes


15 Deadlifts

12 Box Jump Overs

9 Push Jerks

RX+-M-135/115, W-95/85# 24/20″

RX -M-115/95, W- 85/65# 24/20″

50-59 -M-95/75# -65/55#, 20/16″

60+ -M- 75/65# W 55/35# Step Over

Basics-2 Rounds each AMRAP, PVC/BB, Step Overs