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STRUCTURE: For time: 300 Double Unders, 2 Mile Run, 100 Toes to Bar. Athletes can partition however they’d like!

STIMULUS: “PARTI TIME” is a pacer workout

STRATEGY: Athletes can choose their own adventure and strategy today. Encourage athletes to do what’s best specifically

for them based on their strengths.

SCALING: Double Unders should take under 5:00, 2 Mile Run should take under 10:00, and Toes to Bar should take under 5:00

SCORING: Today’s workout will be scored for time and we will cap athletes at 30:00. If an athlete gets capped, enter 1 second for every missed rep. Every 100m of running will equal 1 rep.



Athletes have three different movements to choose from- so they should ALWAYS be moving!

Committed to the destination, while flexible on the route.

If a movement starts to break down, chip away at something else!

Strategy Examples:

-4 Rounds: 75 Double Unders, 800 Meter Run, 25 Toes to Bar

-1 Mile Run, 10 Rounds: 30 Double Unders and 10 Toes to Bar, 1 Mile Run

-Remind athletes: Whatever break up strategy they choose, they will always be moving forward in the workout

while running. If an athlete finds that their Toes to Bar or Double Unders are starting to “breakdown” , move

on to another movement or go out for a run.


“Parti Time” (Time)


300 Double Unders (450 Singles)

2 Mile Run

100 Toes to Bar

Partition However You’d Like

*Score = Total time. If you get time enter 1 second for every missed rep. Every 100m of running is 1 rep

30 MIn Time Cap


4000m Row or 8000m Bike

RX+-Same as RX

RX-As Written

50-59-Hanging Knee Raises

60+-300 Jump Ropes, Sit Ups, 1.5 Mile/3000m Row/6000m Bike

Basics-150 Jump Ropes, 2000m Row,

50 Sit Ups