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STRUCTURE: Part 1- Athletes will do a heavy-ish set of 3 thrusters every 2 min for 5 sets. Athletes should choose a weight heavier than their “FRANCINE” weight and stay consistent across all 5 sets. Part 2- “FRANCINE” a twist on “FRAN” 10 Rounds of 3 Thrusters and 3 Bar Muscle Ups/Pull Ups

STIMULUS: Strength piece into a Sprint workout

STRATEGY: Looking for athletes to try and go unbroken on the Thrusters and stay moving on the Pull Up bar

SCALING: Athletes looking to learn Bar Muscle Ups should do a scaling option to help them learn BMU: banded BMU or jumping BMU from a box

SCORING: Part 1- Score is lightest barbell weight to encourage athletes to stay consistent across all rounds. Part 2- Score is time it takes to complete the workout. Athletes should finish this workout in 7 – 10 minutes and will have a time cap of 15 minutes



-Athletes should start this workout at a “controlled” pace and slowly build

-Athletes should hold on for unbroken sets on the barbell

-Athletes can take quick breaks if needed on the Pull Up bar




“Francine” (Time)


10 Rounds For Time:

3 Thrusters

6 Pull Ups

*Score = Time

17 Min Time Cap

RX+-135/95#, 3 Bar Muscle Ups


50-59-95/65#, Jumping Pull Ups

60+-75/55#, Ring Rows

Basics-3 BB/PVC Thrusters, 4 Ring Rows