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* This two-part training day will focus on cycling heavy and moderate weight push presses

* Note that for both of these parts, there is no re-bend of the knees after driving the weight overhead

* In our strength piece, we’ll build to a heavy triple out of the rack

* The barbell comes from the floor in today’s ascending rep conditioning piece

* Reps will climb by 3 reps every round

* Your score at the end of the 12 minutes is total reps completed

* With the right weight and variations, you can expect to get to or through the round of 15

* Reference below for a cheat sheet of rep numbers:

* Finish Round of 3: 9 Reps

* Finish Round of 6: 27 Reps

* Finish Round of 9: 54 Reps

* Finish Round of 12: 90 Reps

* Finish Round of 15: 135 Reps

* Finish Round of 18: 189 Reps

* Finish Round of 21: 252 Reps


* Choose a light-moderate weight for “Kick, Push” that you could complete for 20+ unbroken reps when fresh

* This should be a weight that allows you to finish first two double digit rounds (12-15) in 2 sets


* If you have 15+ unbroken toes to bar when fresh, complete this station as written

* You can consider using Hanging Knee Raises, Lying T2b or Sit ups as scales


3: Push Press (10 min to establish heavy set of 3)


Repeat 10/30/2020

“Kick, Push” (AMRAP – Reps)

“Kick, Push”


3 Push Presses

3 Toes to Bar

3 Calorie Assault Bike

6 Push Presses

6 Toes to Bar

6 Calorie Assault Bike

[Add 3 Reps Every Round]


Same Cal on Row or 10m Shuttles Runs


RX -95/65#

50-59 -65/45#, Hanging KR

60+ -55/35#, Sit Ups

Basics-7 AMRAP, PP w/ PVC/BB, Sit Ups