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STRUCTURE: For 10 Rounds, athletes will complete 15 Box Jumps, 10 Toes to Bar and 1 Snatch on the 2:00. Athletes can Build in weight on the Snatch or choose a Heavy weight to maintain across all rounds

STIMULUS: “A LITTLE SUMTHIN” is a Heavy workout

STRATEGY: Box Jumps should take athletes less than 0:45, Toes to Bar less than 0:30, and Snatch less than 0:15. That will give athletes 0:30 to change weights or rest.

SCALING: Athletes should choose a number of Toes to Bar they can complete in a maximum of 2 quick sets

SCORING: Athletes’ score will be the Sum Total Load of athletes’ Snatches for all 10 Rounds



-Athletes should have Snatch weight jumps planned out ahead of time

-Athletes have the option to Build in weight, Start heavy and back down, or Maintain a moderate/heavy weight across all rounds

-Breathe on Box Jumps- stepping down is a good way to keep breathing and heart rate under control

-1-2 quick sets on Toes to Bar to leave more time to Snatch

-Remind athletes to take their time on Set Up for the Sntach: pull bar in tight to shins, neutral spine, big breathe in THEN Snatch


“A Little Sumthin” (10 Rounds for weight)


On the 2:00 x 10 Rounds:

15 Box Jumps

10 Toes to Bar

1 Snatch

Athletes can Build in Weight or Stay at A Heavy Across All Rounds

*Score = Sum Total Load (Snatch)

RX+-Same as RX

RX -24/20″

50-59-20/16″, Hanging Knee Raises

60+-Step Ups, Sit Ups

Basics-8 Step Ups, 6 Sit Ups, 3 Snatch PVC/BB