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STRUCTURE: Athletes will complete three 8:00 workouts separated by 2:00 of rest. The first 8:00 window athletes will AMRAP8 Bike Calories. The second 8:00 window athletes will AMRAP8 1 Rope Climb, 10 Double Unders, 1 Rope Climb, 20 Double Unders. . . adding 10 Double Unders every round. The third 8:00 window athletes will Build to a 5 Deadlift.

STIMULUS: “FLUFFY” is a 3-Headed Monster: conditioning, gymnastics/skill, and strength workout

STRATEGY: Athletes should push the limits in each 8:00 window

SCALING: Athletes can scale to Single Unders and modify Rope Climbs if needed

SCORING: Athletes will enter 3 separate scores today: Total Bike Calories,Total Reps, and Heaviest Load.


-Athletes should have patience on their Set Up THEN Dig In and work hard!

-Athletes on the Bike can increase RPMs gradually every 2:00 with a big finish OR aim to hit a certain number of calories per 1:00

-Athletes should move efficiently on Rope Climbs and break Double Unders as needed to stay calm, cool, and in control

-Athletes should plan their desired weight jumps on Deadlift. Take their time getting into a safe position THEN lift


8 min Max Calorie – Bike (Calories)

8 min Max Calories on Assault Bike


8 min Max Calorie – Row (Calories)

8 min Max Calories on Row


“FLUFFY” Part 2 (AMRAP – Reps)

[AMRAP 8]:

3 Renegade Rows

10 Double Unders (15 singles)

3 Renegade Rows

20 Double Unders (30 singles)

3 Renegade Rows

30 Double Unders (45 singles)

Add 10 Double Unders Every Round

(singles 60, 75, 90, 105, 120, 135)

RX+-1 Rope Climb instead of RR

RX -50/35# RR

50-59 -35/20# RR

60+ -20/15# RR, Singles

Basics-4 Min – 10/8# RR, Singles


5: Deadlift (8 min to establish 5 reps)