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STRUCTURE: TIGHT TIMELINE! Athletes will complete a mile run and 100 Toes to Bar. Athletes can partition these movements however they want

STIMULUS: “NO SHOES, NO SHIRT, NO PROBLEM” is a Sprint/Interval workout.

STRATEGY: Athletes should maintain a pace faster than 2:20 on the run. Athletes should be able to maintain sets of 5 Toes to Bar.

SCALING: If athletes cannot hold a pace faster than 2:20 on the run they should reduce the distance. If athletes cannot maintain sets of 5 on Toes to Bar they should reduce reps.

SCORING: Athletes’ score is the Time it takes to complete the workout. If an athlete is time capped, add 1 second to their time for every missed rep.


“No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem” (Time)


1 mile Run

100 Toes to Bar

Partition however

18 min Time Cap


4000m Bike/2000m Row

RX+-Same as RX

RX -As Written

50-59-Hanging Knee Raises

60+-Sit Ups

Basics-800m Run/Row, 50 Sit Ups