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WORKOUT BRIEF [0:00 – 5:00]

STRUCTURE: Athletes will complete three different “FRAN” variations separated by 2 Minutes of rest.

STIMULUS: “ONLY FRANS” is a Threshold workout

STRATEGY: Athletes should be able to complete all rounds of Thruster in no more than 2 sets. Athletes should be able to complete Pull Ups in 1-3 sets, 1 Rope Climb should take under 0:30, and Burpee Pull Ups should be maintained at a steady pace.

SCALING: Athletes can decrease Thruster Load and modify Pull Up variations if needed.

SCORING: Athletes’ score will be the Time it takes them to complete the workout including rest time. Athletes should aim to complete the workout in 15-20 Minutes.


PART1: 1-2 sets on Thrusters and 1-3 sets on Pull Ups. Coach athletes to come out slightly conservative in order to save some fuel in the tank for PART 2 and 3

PART 2: 1-2 sets on Thrusters and chip away at the Rope Climbs. Focus on strong foot clamps here.

PART 3: 1-2 sets on Thrusters and use Burpee Pull Ups as a place to recover while still moving forward in the workout.

-Quick transitions throughout the workout.

-Coach athletes to switch out weights efficiently focusing on recovery.

“Only Frans” (Time)


For Time:



Pull Ups

[Rest 2 Minutes]



3-2-1 Rope Climbs

[Rest 2 Minutes]



Burpee Pull Ups

Scale for Rope Climb Rope Prog or 2 Devil Presses for 1 RC

22 min Time Cap

RX+-M-95/115/135 F-65/85/95, 15′ Rope Climb

RX-M-85/95/115, F-55/65/85, 12′ Rope Climb

50-59-M-65/85/95, F-45/55/65, JumpingPU, 2 Rope Prog = 1 RC

60+-M-55/65/85, F-35/45/55, Ring Rows, 2 Rope Prog = 1 RC

Basics-8-6-4 Thur+ RR, 9-6-3 Thru+RC Prog

6-4-2 Thru+ Burpee Ring Row