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STRUCTURE: For 5 Rounds, athletes will rotate through 5 stations. Athletes will rest 1 Minute before starting the next round. The 5 stations are Calories, Russian Kettlebell Swings, Single Jump Ropes, AbMat Sit Ups,and Goblet Squats

STIMULUS: “STATION WAGON” is a Pacer workout.

STRATEGY: Athletes should work for about 0:50 leaving 0:10 to transition to the next station.

SCALING: If needed, athletes can decrease the Kettlebell load.

SCORING: Athletes’ score will be Sum Total Reps. Athletes will keep a running total of reps for each round and enter their Total Reps at the end of every round during their rest minute.


-Remind athletes to keep a running tally of their reps

-Athletes should identify their strong movements to push the pace

-Athletes may want AbMat Sit Up to the 0:55 because it’s an efficient station to get more reps on

-Remind athletes to work the full minute on their last station

“Station Wagon” (5 Rounds for reps)


5 Rounds

Minute 1: Calorie Machine

Minute 2: Russian Kettlebell Swing

Minute 3: Single Unders (Jump Rope)

Minute 4: AbMat Sit-ups

Minute 5: Goblet Squats

Minute 6: Rest

*Score = Total Reps

WODify will ask for total reps for each round





Basics-3 Rounds- Resting every other round