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STRUCTURE: In Part 1, athletes will complete 1-10 Toes to Bar paired with 10-1 Deadlifts. So, every round athletes will always be doing 11 reps total.

STIMULUS: “JOKER” is a Sprint workout. Followed by Heavy Back Squats.

STRATEGY: Athletes should aim to hold onto unbroken sets for as long as possible on both Toes to Bar and Deadlifts

SCALING: If needed, athletes should decrease the Deadlift load to maintain unbroken sets throughout the workout.

SCORING: In Part 1, athletes’ score will be the Time it takes them to complete the workout. Athletes should aim to finish between 5 – 10 Minutes. In Part 2, athletes’ score will be their Heaviest Load.


-Fast transitions

-Athletes should be ready to jump into Toes to Bar when they drop their barbell

-Athletes should try to hold on to unbroken sets of Toes to Bar and Deadlifts the whole workout


“Joker” (Time)


For Time:

1-10 Toes to Bar

10-1 Deadlifts

Every Round Adds Up to 11 Reps

12 min Time Cap



50-59-155/105#, Hanging KR

60+-135/95#, Sit Ups

Basics-8-1 and 1-8 , Light DL and Sit Ups


65%: Back Squat

73%: Back Squat

78%: Back Squat

78%: Back Squat

78%: Back Squat

Unbroken Back Squats @ 78% or 1RM (AMRAP – Reps)