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STRUCTURE: In Part 1, athletes will complete 75 Power Snatches for time while completing 30 Double Unders every minute starting on the 0:00. In Part 2, athletes will have 7 Minutes following “BACK AT IT AGAIN” to Build to A Heavy Power Snatch.

STIMULUS: “BACK AT IT AGAIN” is a Sprinty Threshold.

STRATEGY: Athletes should complete Double Unders in under 0:30. Athletes should aim to complete 6-10 Power Snatches in time remaining each round.

SCALING: Athletes should cap Double Unders at 0:30. Athletes should choose a weight they can cycle easily for at least 10 Power Snatches

SCORING: Athletes’ score in Part 1, will be the Time it takes them to complete 75 Power Snatches. Athletes’ score in Part 2 will be their Heaviest Load.



-Athletes need to be done with Double Unders by 0:30

-Athletes should lay jump rope down neatly and calmly

-Athletes should aim to do 6-10 Power Snatches per round

-Athletes should stop Snatching by the 0:50 to give themselves 0:10 to transition back to Double Unders


“Back At It Again” (Time)


For Time:

75 Power Snatches

On the Minute [Starting at 0:00]:

30 Double Unders

17 min Time Cap

RX+-Same as RX

RX -75/55#


60+-55/35#, 30 Singles

Basics-50 PVC Snatches with 15 Singles

Power Snatch (7 min to establish)