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STRUCTURE: Athletes will complete 3 Rounds of 3 different couplets for time. The first couplet will be 3 Rounds of 15 Deadlifts and 15 Pull-Ups. The second couplet will be 3 Rounds of 12 Front Squats and 12 Pull-Ups. The third couplet will be 3 Rounds of 9 Shoulder to Overhead and 9 Pull Ups


STRATEGY: Athletes should be able to complete each 3 Round couplet in under 6:00. Athletes should be able to finish 1 Round of a couplet in under 2:00.

SCALING: Athletes should choose a barbell load they confidently can go unbroken on Deadlifts and Front Squats; and a barbell load they can complete Shoulder to Overhead in 2 sets maximum. Today is a big gymnastics day- athletes will need to put a lot of thought into the correct variation and number of reps.

* SCORING:* Athletes’ score will be the Time it takes to complete the workout. Athletes should aim to finish in 15-18 Minutes. There is a time cap of 18 Minutes.


-Athletes should cap each couplet at 6:00

-Athletes should break up Pull-Ups/Chest to Bar Pull-Ups from the start to manage pulling fatigue

-Athletes should hold on to unbroken sets on the barbell; moving at a breathable pace


“Pass Interference” (Time)


3 Rounds:

15 Deadlifts

15 Pull-Ups

Directly Into…

3 Rounds:

12 Front Squats

12 Pull-Ups

Directly Into…

3 Rounds:

9 Shoulder to Overhead

9 Pull Ups

Time Cap: 20 Minutes

RX+-135/95#, PullUp, Chest to Bar, Bar MU


50-59-95/65#, Jumping Pull Ups

60+-75/55#, Ring Rows

Basics-1 rnd of 15, 2 rnd of 12, 3 rnds of 9

PVC/BB Ring Rows