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“Too Tired” PARTNER (AMRAP – Reps)

Partner WOD


500m Row

Flip-Jump Tire for Reps

*One Partner Rows 500m while the other partner flips a tire+jumps in tire+jumps out of tire = 1 rep

*Once partner finishes 500m Row they switch and continue where tire flipper left off.

*Score is total number of Tire Flip/Jumps

Subs- 1000m Bike/400m Run

“Too Tired” INDIVIDUAL (AMRAP – Reps)


500m Row

20 Deadlift/Jump/Squat

1 Deadlift + Jump Over Bar and Squat+ Jump back over bar and squat = 1 rep

RX+ 185/155

RX- 155/105#