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STRUCTURE: For time, athletes will complete 50 Power Cleans, 300 Double Unders, and 1 Mile Run with a 25 Minute time cap. Athletes must complete all reps of one movement before moving onto the next.

STIMULUS: “BIG BANG V2” is a Grind.

STRATEGY: Athletes should complete Power Cleans in under 6:00, Double Unders in under 6:00, and 1 Mile Run in under 10:00.

SCALING: Athletes should choose a moderately heavy barbell that they could Power Clean for 3 unbroken reps when fresh. Athletes should cap Double Unders at 6:00 and aim for a 10:00/Mile pace. We can have athletes cap Power cleans at 6:00 and Double Unders at 12:00 to allow ALL athletes enough time to Run 1 Mile!

SCORING: Athletes’ score will be the Time it takes them to complete the workout. Athletes should aim to finish in 16-22 Minutes.


Steady on the Power Cleans making sure to set up with a flat back each rep

-Steady on the Double Unders: 1 big set to start and then strategically chip away

-Just get running!


Big Bang V2 (Time)


50 Power Cleans

300 Double Unders (450 singles)

1 Mile Run

25 min Time Cap


2000m Row or 4000m Bike


RX -115/75#


60+-75/55#, 300 Singles

Basics-25 PC w/ PVC/BB, 100 Jump Ropes

800m Row