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STRUCTURE: In Part 1, athletes will build to a heavy set of 3 Power Snatches. In Part 2, athletes will complete 25-20-15-20-5: Calorie Row and Power Snatches.

STIMULUS: “LUNG ISLAND” is a Threshold workout.

STRATEGY: Athletes should be able to complete 5 Calories on the Rower in under 0:30 and 5 Power Snatches in under 0:30 during the workout. Athletes should be able to complete the round of 25 Calorie Row and Power Snatches in under 5:00.

SCALING: Athletes should reduce Calories to 20-15-10-5-2. Athletes should choose a weight they could cycle 20+ Power Snatches unbroken when fresh.

SCORING: In Part 1, athlete’s score will be their Heaviest Load. In Part 2, athletes’ score will be the Time it takes to complete the workout. Athletes should aim to finish in 10-15 Minutes.


-Athletes should complete the rounds of 25 and 20 at a controlled pace. Possibly taking a strategic and quick break during the Power Snatches.

-Athletes should Row at a pace that allows them to hold onto big sets of Power Snatches.

-Some athletes might want to “break/rest” with the barbell overhead to catch their breath as opposed to breaking with the barbell on the floor.


Power Snatch (15 min to establish)


Lung Island (Time)



Calorie Row

Power Snatches

17 min Time Cap

Subs –

500m-400m-300m-200m-100m Run

RX+-Same as RX’d




Basics-15-12-9-6-3, PVC/BB