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STRUCTURE: Athletes will complete 3 rounds of an 400m Run, 30 Kettlebell Swings and as many reps of Hang Power Clean as possible unbroken, when you put the bar down the set is over. To finish under the 15 time cap you will need to move quick on the Runs and Kettlebell Swings

STRATEGY: Athletes should be able to complete the 400 meter Runs in under 2:30, the Kettlebell Swings in 1:30 and spend about 1:00 on their unbroken set of Hang Cleans. Athletes should choose a weight that allows for at least double digits reps each round on the Hang Power Clean

SCALING: If athletes cannot complete an 400 Meter Run in under 2:30 or the Kettlebell Swings in under 1:30, reduce the distance or weight until they can.

SCORING: Athletes’ score will be Sum Total Reps of unbroken Hang Power Cleans for all 3 rounds


FOREarms (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


15 min AMRAP

400m Run

30 Kettlebell Swings

Max Unbroken Hang Cleans

Once you reach max on HC start over with the Run.

*Score is Rounds and Reps 400m will count as 2 reps (200m = 1 rep)

Subs-500m Row or Bike 1000m

RX+-70/53#, 135/95#

RX-53/35#, 115/75#

50-59-35/26# 95/65#

60+-26/18#, 75/55#

Basics-8 min AMRAP, 200m Run,

15 KBS, 10 HPC