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STRUCTURE: Every 5:00 Athletes will complete 500/400 meters on the rower, 21 Lateral Burpees over the rower and 12 Toes to Bar then rest until the next 5:00 window begins.

STIMULUS: “Belly of the Beast” is a Interval Threshold” workout.

STRATEGY: Athletes must complete the row in under 2:00. Athletes should complete 21 Burpees in under 1:30 and 12 Toes to Bar should be completed in about 0:30.

SCALING: Athletes should choose a number of Toes to Bar they can aim to go unbroken all 5 rounds but will be a challenge.

SCORING: Athletes will record their Split Times for all 5 Rounds. Their score will be their Slowest Round.


-Athletes should Row and Burpee at a pace that allows them to go unbroken on Toes to Bar

-Athletes should aim to finish each round with 1:00 of rest

Belly of the Beast (Time)


On the 5:00 x 5 Rounds:

500/400 Meter Row

21 Lateral Burpees Over Rower

12 Toes to Bar

*Score = Slowest Round


1000/800m Bike

RX+-Same as RX

RX-As Written

50-59-Step Over Rower, Hanging KR

60+-Just Burpees, Sit Ups

Basics-200m Row, 10 Burpees, 12 Sit Ups