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STRUCTURE: In Part 1 athletes will complete 5 sets of 5 Front Squats. In Part 2 athletes will complete a 500 Meter Row then perform 30 Push Presses and 100 Double Unders. Then Athletes will Row 500 Meters again, complete 30 Front Squats, and another 100 Double Unders, Row 500 Meters again, then complete 30 Thrusters and another set of 100 Double Unders. If athletes complete that in 18 minutes, they will start again with the 500 Meter Row.

STIMULUS: “Spindrift” is a Threshold Workout

STRATEGY: Athletes should aim to spend 2:00 or less at each station.

SCALING: Choose a distance on the rower and number of Double Unders that can be completed in 2:00. Choose a weight on the barbell that allows each set of 30 to be completed in 3 sets or less.

SCORING: Part 1 score is total load across the five sets. Part 2 score today is rounds + reps, athletes should aim to complete 1 full round.


-The 500 Meter Row today will be the opportunity to rest

Hang on to the Barbell for sets of at least 10

Take planned breaks on the Double Unders


Front Squat (Weight)

5 Sets of 5 Front Squats

*Score = Total load of all 5 sets

SpinDrift (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)



500 Meter Row

30 Push Press

100 Double Unders (150 Singles)

500 Meter Row

30 Front Squats

100 Double Unders

500 Meter Row

30 Thrusters

100 Double Unders

*Score = Rounds + Reps. Each 100m =1 rep

Subs- 1000m Bike or 400m Run


RX -75/55#


60+ -55/35# 100 singles

Basics-10 AMRAP 200m Row, 10 PP, 10 FS,

10 Thrusters, 50 Singles