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STRUCTURE: For 8 rounds, athletes will Bike for 2:00 then complete as many reps as possible of 30 Dumbbell Snatches and 15 Burpee Box Jumps in 2:00 before going back to the bike for their next round. Athletes will pick up where they left off in the AMRAP of Dumbbell Snatches and Burpee Box Jumps in the next round.

STIMULUS: “Tutu” is a Interval Threshold Workout

STRATEGY: Athletes should be able to complete 15-20 Reps of Snatches per minute and 10-15 Reps of Burpee Box Jumps per Minute.

SCALING: Choose a weight for snatches and a variation for Burpee Box Jumps that allows for the given numbers to be achieved

SCORING: Athletes Score today is their total reps, so their Bike calories added to their Dumbbell Snatch and Burpee Box Jump reps.


-2 Strategies today; Push in the AMRAP and recover on the Bike or push the Bike and recover in the AMRAP.

-Maintain a consistent pace on Burpee Box Jumps

-Hang on for sets of at least 10 Dumbbell Snatches at a time


TuTu (8 Rounds for reps)


[8 Rounds For Total Reps]:


Bike/Row Calories


30 Dumbbell Snatches

15 Burpee Box Jumps

*Score is Total Reps for each of the 8 rounds (ie add calories + DB Snatches + BBJ that = 1 Round)

RX+-50/35#, 24/20″

RX-35/20#, 24/20″

50-59-20/15#, 20/16″

60+-15/10#, Step Ups

Basics15 DB Snatch, 8 BBJ

Every other Round rest for 2 min

instead of Bike/Row