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STRUCTURE: In Part 1 athletes will complete 5 sets of 5 Push Press. In Part 2 athletes will complete a descending ladder of Push Presses and Front Squats with 100 Meter Runs separating each round. The first round will be 10 Push Press, 10 Front Squats, 100 Meter Run, the second round will be 9 Push Press, 9 Front Squats, 100 Meter Run. This will continue subtracting a rep each round until the workout is finished in the round of 1 Push Press, 1 Front Squat and a 100 Meter Run. STIMULUS: “The Great Outdoors” is a Sprint workout.

STRATEGY: Athletes should be able to complete the rounds of 10, 9 & 8 without breaking on each movement on the barbell. Each 100 Meter Run should be completed in under 0:30.

SCALING: Athletes should choose a distance on the run that they can complete in under 0:30 but that is long enough for slight recovery after the barbell. Athletes should choose a weight they could hang on to for sets of 10 Push Press and 10 Front Squats unbroken.

SCORING: In Part 1 the score is sum Total Load of All 5 Sets. In Part 2 the score is the time it takes to complete the workout.


-Run is the opportunity to recover today

-Survive the first couple rounds on the barbell, knowing reps go down

-Push the last few runs


Push Press (Weight)

Push Press

5 Sets of 5

*Score = Sum Total Load of All 5 Sets

15 min to establish


The Great Outdoors (Time)


For Time:

10 Push Press

10 Front Squats

100 Meter Run

9 Push Press

9 Front Squats

100 Meter Run

1 Push Press

1 Front Squat

100 Meter Run

17 min Time Cap

Subs-150/100m Row





Basics-6-1 and PVC/BB