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STRUCTURE: In Part 1 athletes will complete 5 sets of 4 Strict Presses. In Part 2 every 3:00 for ten rounds athletes will Row 500/400 Meters then do as many bodyweight reps of Push-Ups or Sit-ups as they can until the next 3:00 interval starts and they are back on the rower. Athletes will alternate between Push-Ups and Sit-Ups each round, so rouds 1, 3, 5, 7, & 9 will be Push-Ups and rounds 2, 4, 6, 8, & 10 will be Sit-Ups.

STIMULUS:”Body Shop” is a Threshold workout.

STRATEGY: 500 or 400 Meters on the rower would take less than 2:15, Leaving athletes 0:45 or more to accumulate bodyweight reps.

SCALING: Choose a distance on the rower that makes the above time goal doable. Choose variations of Push-Ups and Sit-Ups that allow for sets of at least 5 reps at a time.

SCORING: In Part 1 Score is the minimum of weights lifted in their 5 working sets, we want to incentivize athletes to use a challenging weight across all sets. . In Part 2 athletes’ score will be their total number of Push-Ups + their total number of Sit-Ups.


-Use the first round or two of Push-Ups to ease into things, 5 rounds can escalate quickly if athletes come out hot

-Know that Push-Ups will fade before Sit-Ups do


Shoulder Press (LOWEST SCORE)


Body Shop (2 Rounds for reps)


On the 3:00 x 10 Rounds:

500/400 Meter Row

Max Bodyweight Reps

Odd Rounds: Push-ups

Even Rounds: Sit-ups

*Score = Total Reps of Sit-ups and Push-Ups


400m Run or 27/18 CalBike

RX+-Same as RX

RX -As Written

50-59-As Written

60+-400/300m Row

Basics-300m Row 10 Push Ups /10 Sit Ups