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STRUCTURE: In Part 1 athletes will complete 5 sets of 4 “no touch” Deadlifts. In Part 2 athletes will complete a 21-15-9 of Deadlifts and Double Dumbbell Push Jerks, Running 200 Meters in between each movement. So Athletes will complete 21 Deadlifts, Run 200 Meters, complete 21 Double Dumbbell Push Jerks, Run 200 Meters, complete 15 Deadlifts, Run 200 Meters… and so on until they run 200 Meters after their last set of 9 Push Jerks.

STIMULUS: “Dead & Gone” is a Threshold Workout

STRATEGY: 21 Deadlifts should be completed in under 2:00, 15 in under 1:30 and 9 in under 1:00. A set of 21 Push Jerks should be completed in under 2:00, 15 in under 1:30 and 9 in under 1:00. Every 200 Meter Run should be completed in under 1:15.

SCALING: Choose a load for Deadlifts and for the Push Jerks that allows for each set of 21 to be completed in 3 sets or less, each set of 15 in 2 sets or less and the set of 9 to be unbroken. Select a distance for the run that athletes can complete in under 1:15

SCORING: Athletes’ score for Part 1 will be the lightest weight they use in any of their 5 working sets. Athletes’ score for Part 2 will be the time it takes them to complete the workout.


“Dead & Gone”

-More time will be spent running than on the barbell or dumbbells, choose sets that make the Deadlifts and Push Jerks the easy part.

-Every break on the DBs means another clean, Every break on the deadlifts is just another reset.


No Touch Deadlift

*Score = Lowest weight used for a working set


Dead & Gona (Time)




200 Meter Run

Double Dumbbell Push Jerks

200 Meter Run

18 min Time Cap

Subs-15/12 Cal Bike or 250/200m Row

RX+-225/155#, 50/35#

RX -185/135# 35/20#

50-59 -155/105# 20/15#

60+ -135/95#, 15/10#

Basics-15-9-6 DL, 100m Row, DBPJ, 100m Row