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STRUCTURE: Athletes will complete a descending ladder of Double Unders, Sit-ups and calories on the rower, Farmers carrying 100 feet between each movement. In round 1 athletes will complete 50 Double Unders, then a 100’ Farmers Carry, then 50 Sit-Ups, then 100’ Farmers Carry, then 50/35 Calories on the Rower then another 100’ Farmers Carry. Athletes will continue that sequence of movements but reduce the reps of Double Unders, Sit-ups and Calories until the last round of 10. The workout is time capped at 30:00

STIMULUS: “Angry Annie” is a Grindy Pacer workout.

STRATEGY:**50 Double Unders should be completed in 1:00 or less, And each following round should take 0:10 less than the last one. 50 Sit-ups should be completed in 2:00 or less, and each following round completed in 0:15 less than the last one. 50/35 Calories on the rower should be completed in 3:00 or less and each following round in 0:30 less than the one before. Each 100 foot Farmers Carry should be completed in 0:30 or less. **SCALING: Athletes should choose variations of every movement that they car confident in completing in the large sets at the beginning of the workout in the given time.

SCORING: Athletes score is the time it takes them to complete the workout.


-Farmers Carry after and between every movement

-Grip will become a factor on the Row Double Unders and Farmers Carry. Take Planned Breaks