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STRUCTURE: In Part 1 athletes will work to establish a heavy single on Strict Press. In Part 2 athletes will complete as many rounds as possible in 20:00 of a 400m Run then a max set of strict presses at 60% of the weight established in Part 1

STIMULUS: “Strictly Business” is a Grindy Threshold workout.

STRATEGY: Athletes should complete each run in 2:30. Athletes should aim to complete at least 10 reps after each run.

SCALING: Athletes should choose a distance on the run that they can complete in 2:30 or less.

SCORING: In Part 1 athletes score will be the heaviest weight they strict press for one rep. Athletes’ score in Part 2 will be their total number of strict presses.


-Don’t Strict Press fully to failure, leave 2-3 reps in the tank each round before running

-Be mindful of the clock, towards the end give yourself time after the last run to really hang on for a big set.


Shoulder Press


Strictly Business (AMRAP – Reps)



400 Meter Run

Max Unbroken Strict Press (60% 1RM)

*Score = Total Strict Press

Subs-500/400m Row or 1000/800m Bike

RX+-Same as RX’d

RX-As Written

50-59-As Written

60+-As Written

Basics-10 min AMRAP, 400m Row + 15 Strict Presses empty BB