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James and Sheri are the couple who have been with us the longest!

They started in November 2011 shortly after they started dating. To say they have a competitive streak is an understatement!

My favorite memories are of them trash talking each other. The competitive steak has died down recently and James has admitted defeat 😉 


FULL name

James Anthony DeAnda

Sheri Lynn Calderon



Both Tucson Natives


any family you want to brag about?

I want to brag about my dad who is 87. He walks 1 1/2 miles a day and has built his own CrossFit gym at this house. He has recovered from multiple surgeries, has AFIB and is a cancer survivor. His emotional grit and physical strength keeps him moving forward. He is my hero.


RN and Sales Rep….WAIT… I retired as of April 1, 2021!

Tell us something we don't know..

In my 40-50’s I was obsessed with running and as a result destroyed the bone in my big left toe. Unfortunately I had to have half of my big toe amputated because of the damage. I like to tell people a shark bit it off!



Sales Rep for Intracellular Pharmaceuticals

Tell us something we don't know..

I attended New Mexico Military Institute and was a member of their boxing team


* In 2018 Sheri qualified for the International Weightlifting Federation World Championships in Barcelona!

* James use to be a referee here in Tucson

* Every year for Sheri’s birthday she and James hike to the top Picacho Peak (this is not an easy hike! )


Travel, experience new resturants, hang out with family and friends and our dogs

How did you hear about CrossFit Now?

10 years ago when Sher and I were first dating I saw the CrossFit Games on ESPN. I asked Sheri if she’d be interested and she was all in! We checked out several gyms before we found NOW. The rest is history.. 


Sheri – Jump Rope

James – Push Press


Sheri – Burpees

James – Overhead Squats


what is your crossfit goal?

Sheri – Regain Strength and finish top 10% (60+ Scaled) in next year’s Open

James – Maintain strength and gain hip flexibility. I also want to look good in my speedo.


FAVORITE crossfit now memory

James….While competing in T-Town Team Throwdown, my mom was in the crowd cheering me on. Per my usual, I collapsed on the floor immediately after the workout. She came over to me and cried out “MIJO, stop doing CrossFit, you are going to get hurt!

FAVORITE crossfit now memory

Sheri….  The first time I did The Open I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. I wasn’t confident in any of the movements except for the sit ups. I finished 3rd in the world, scaled division for my age group. The Open really motivated me to keep pushing myself. 

Advice you would give someone wanting to try CrossFit?

Find a person to workout with (Calling Dr Bays!) Hold each other accountable!

And when the person you compete against in the gym says.. lets just go easy they intend to kick your ass!


People think they have to be young and in shape to try CrossFit. Wrong!! I started CrossFit at 52 and it has changed my life for the better My muscles, mind and bones are stronger because of it.


Anything else you would like to share?

We appreciate Jenn and all CrossFit Now coaches for pushing us. We are better because of you.