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CrossFit Now is where athletes come for a fresh start. Our programs are designed to work in tandem, or apart, to provide the best training possible. You’ll learn the latest techniques, while improving strength, speed, endurance, mobility, and more. No matter your goal, we can help you reshape and rebuild the body of your dreams.



CrossFit is an intensive program that uses 10 general physical skills. Focusing on Speed, Accuracy, Balance, Coordination, Power, Agility, Strength, Flexibility, Stamina, and Endurance will redefine and push your limits. This hour-long class includes a warm-up, mobility stretches, and a high intensity workout. 


UNLIMITED – $155/mo with a 6 month commitment               $175 for month to month

4 DAYS A WEEK – $145/mo with a 6 month commitment        $165 for month to month

3 DAYS A WEEK – $130/mo with a 6 month commitment        $150 for month to month

AFTER HOURS MEMBERSHIP 7:30PM – 5:30am ONLY  $100/mo


Comp Training

The Comp Training Program is for the CrossFit athlete who wants to take their training to the next level. This program is for those seriously committed to competing in CrossFit events and competitions to include training for the CrossFit Games. As part of this program, you will receive additional training programs based on your goals and weaknesses.

To partake in this program you will need to have a current CrossFit membership at CrossFit Now. You will need to make a commitment in time and trust of your coach. You will learn skills and techniques that will help take you to were you want to go in the realm of CrossFit competitions. Email info@crossfitnow.com for more information. 


$40/mo plus a current CrossFit Now membership

Personal Training

This Program allows you the opportunity to work one on one with any of our coaches to get the specialized training you need.

This include a one time session to work on that skill you just can’t obtain or if you think you need more personalized attention then what you can get in our group classes. Our coaches can work one on one with you to help you achieve your goals. Email info@crossfitnow.com for more information. 


$60 per hour