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Workout Of The Day

Saturday 10/31/2020

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“Get Low” (Time)

“Get Low”

3 Rounds:

400 Meter Run

6 Rounds of “The Chief”

1 Round of “The Chief”:

3 Power Cleans

6 Push-ups

9 Air Squats

27 min Time Cap


RX -115/75#

50-59-75/55#, PU on knees

60+ -65/45#, 200m Run, PU on knees

Basics-200m Run, 2 Rounds of Chief with PVC/BB, PU on knees

* Today’s bodyweight and barbell workout includes rounds of a popular benchmark: “The Chief”

* 1 Round of “The Chief” is:
3 Power Cleans (135/95)
6 Push-ups
9 Air Squats

* These rounds of 3-6-9 are low-rep and alternate between muscle groups, which will allow you to maintain a fairly high intensity throughout

* After finishing the 400 meter run, you’ll complete all 6 rounds of “The Chief” before beginning the next round of running

* In total, we’ll complete 3/4 of a mile of running and 18 rounds of “The Chief”

* Your score today is the total time it takes to complete the 3 rounds

* We expect this piece to take between 18-25 minutes to complete


* Adjust the rep number or variation to allow for unbroken sets throughout


* Choose a weight you could complete for 12+ unbroken reps when fresh

* Within the workout, we’re looking for very fast singles or touch-and-go sets

* This shouldn’t be a weight you’ll get stuck at, as a quick single should always be in the tank


* With fast moving rounds of “The Chief”, let’s make sure to hold ourselves to a high standard regarding range of motion here

Friday 10/30/2020

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3: Push Press (10 min to establish set of 3)


“Kick, Push” (AMRAP – Reps)

“Kick, Push”


3 Push Presses

3 Toes to Bar

3 Calorie Assault Bike

6 Push Presses

6 Toes to Bar

6 Calorie Assault Bike

[Add 3 Reps Every Round]


Same Cal on Row or 10m Shuttles Runs


RX -95/65#

50-59 -65/45#, Hanging KR

60+ -55/35#, Sit Ups

Basics-7 AMRAP, PP w/ PVC/BB, Sit Ups

* This two-part training day will focus on cycling heavy and moderate weight push presses

* Note that for both of these parts, there is no re-bend of the knees after driving the weight overhead

* In our strength piece, we’ll build to a heavy triple out of the rack

* The barbell comes from the floor in today’s ascending rep conditioning piece

* Reps will climb by 3 reps every round

* Your score at the end of the 12 minutes is total reps completed

* With the right weight and variations, you can expect to get to or through the round of 15

* Reference below for a cheat sheet of rep numbers:

* Finish Round of 3: 9 Reps

* Finish Round of 6: 27 Reps

* Finish Round of 9: 54 Reps

* Finish Round of 12: 90 Reps

* Finish Round of 15: 135 Reps

* Finish Round of 18: 189 Reps

* Finish Round of 21: 252 Reps


* Choose a light-moderate weight for “Kick, Push” that you could complete for 20+ unbroken reps when fresh

* This should be a weight that allows you to finish first two double digit rounds (12-15) in 2 sets


* If you have 15+ unbroken toes to bar when fresh, complete this station as written

* You can consider using Hanging Knee Raises, Lying T2b or Sit ups as scales

Thursday 10/29/2020

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“Spin Move” (Time)

“Spin Move”

For Time:

800 Meter Run

3 Rounds:

50 Double Unders (75 Singles)

25 AbMat Sit-ups

15 Push-ups

800 Meter Run

3 Rounds:

50 Double Unders (75 Singles)

25 AbMat Sit-ups

15 Push-ups

800 Meter Run

37 min Time Cap

Subs: 1000m Row or 50/35 Cal Bike

RX+-Same as RX

RX -As Written

50-59 -Push Up on Knees

60+-400m Runs, 50 JR, Push Ups on Knees

Basics-200m Runs, 1 Round of each, 50 JR, Push Ups on knees

* Bodyweight movements dominate this longer conditioning piece

* The constant rotation of movements should hopefully allow for steady forward progress here

* After finishing the initial 800 meter run, you’ll complete all 3 rounds of 50-25-15 before running again

* Follow this flow for the remainder of the workout

* We expect this longer piece to take between 25-35 minutes to complete


* Choose a rep number or variation that allows you to clear each set in right around 1 minute


* Choose a rep number or variation that ideally allows you to finish each round in 3 sets

* Reduce the number or elevate the hands as needed to meet this recommendation

* Ensure the chest makes contact in the bottom and the elbows reach full extension at the top

Wednesday 10/28/2020

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Squat Snatch Complex- SS+LHSS+OHS

1 Squat Snatch

1 Low Hang Squat Snatch

1 Overhead Squat


“Middle Management” (Time)

“Middle Management”

For Time:

40/30 Calorie Row

20 Squat Snatches

40/30 Calorie Row

12 min Time Cap

Subs: 30/21 Cal Bike or 400m Run


RX -95/65#

50-59 -65/55#, Power Snatch

60+ -55/45#, Power Snatch

Basics-7 AMRAP 20 Cal Row, PVC/BB Power Snatches

* Today’s two part training day will dial in the higher skilled squat snatch

* We’ll start by working a 3-rep complex that is designed to be completed unbroken

* “Heavy” is relative based on the athlete

* For athletes with excellent technique, the goal will be to build up in weight

* For athletes who need more work on mobility or technique, keep the weight lighter and the focus form

* This first piece is for everyone, regardless of where they are with this movement

* As a reference, low hang means below the knees

* Our conditioning piece today is a quick 3-station workout

* This shorter cardio and weightlifting workout is designed to take between 6-10 minutes


* Choose a light-moderate weight that you could cycle for reps, but will likely complete as quick singles today

* This should be a station that can be completed in less than 4 minutes (5 reps on the minute)

* For athletes who struggle with technique or mobility, there are several options:

* Lower the weight and complete as squat snatches

* Complete these as power snatches instead

* De-construct the squat snatch into: power snatch + overhead squat

Tuesday 10/23/2020

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“Round and Round” (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

“Round and Round”


Buy-In: 75/50 Calorie Assault Bike

Max Rounds in Time Remaining:

15 Box Jump Overs

12 Pull-ups

9 Double Dumbbell Power Cleans


90/65 Cal Row or 1200m Run

RX+-50/35#, 24/20″, Chest to Bar

RX -35/20#, 24/20″, Chin over Bar

50-59 -20/15#, 20/16″, Jumping PU

60+ -15/10#, Step Ups, Ring Rows

Basics-8 AMRAP, step ups, ring rows

* Today’s AMRAP workout begins with a buy-in of Bike/Row/Run that only happens once

* After completing the buy-in, you’ll work through as many rounds of the 15-12-9 in the time remaining

* Your score for the day is total rounds + reps completed (bike/row/run doesn’t count towards score)

* We expect the bike/row/run to take about 5-7 minutes to complete, leaving 9-11 minutes for the scored portion

* You can expect to complete about 3-4 rounds of the scored portion once you get there


* There is no need to stand to full extension on top of the box

* Jump up to the box for “RX”

* For safety, we recommend jumping down or stepping down over the “rebounding” option


* If you have 15+ chest to bar pull-ups unbroken when fresh, look to complete this station as written

* If you’re not there yet, consider reducing reps or choosing an option from “modifications”

* For athletes with no goals of competing, we recommend chin over bar pull-ups


* Choose a moderate set of dumbbells that allows you to clear this station in 1-3 sets

* Only one head of the dumbbell needs to make contact with the floor in the bottom

* Ensure the elbows finish forwards of the body at the top of each rep


Endurance Row WSU RR (Time)


For Time (Partitioned as Desired):

3K Row

50 Weighted Sit Ups

20 Renegade Rows

RX+- 50/35#

RX- 35/20#

M1- 20/15#

M2- 15/10#

Monday 10/26/2020

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Thruster (0:00 x 3 Thrusters)

Thruster (1:30 x 3 Thrusters)

Thruster (3:00 x 3 Thrusters)

Thruster (4:30 x 3 Thrusters)

Thruster (6:00 x 3 Thrusters)

Thruster (7:30 x 3 Thrusters)


“Down to Earth” (Time)

“Down to Earth”

7 Rounds For Time:

200 Meter Run

7 Thrusters

7 Burpees

22 min Time Cap

Subs: 250m Row or 12/9 Cal Bike


RX -75/55#

50-59 -55/45#

60+ -45/35#

Basics-7 Rounds – 100m Run, 3 Thrusters w/ PVC/BB 3 Burpees

* This two-part training day will focus on cycling reps of Thrusters

* In part 1, we’ll work on a running clock for 6 sets

* The barbell is taken from the ground, not out of the racks

* New sets begin on the (0:00-1:30-3:00-4:30-6:00-7:30)

* These 3 reps are designed to be performed as unbroken sets

* You can climb in weight to something heavy for the day or stay at one challenging load across the board

* Part 2 will work lighter weights in “Down to Earth”

* We expect this simple triplet workout to take between 14-20 minutes to complete

* With two pieces to get through today, let’s cap our conditioning piece at 20 minutes


* With a small rep number, choose a weight that you’ll be able to complete unbroken each round

* You can squat clean the first rep of each set if you’d like


* These are standard burpees that finish at full extension with a small clap overhead and some air under the feet

* You can jump off the floor or step off the floor for these

Sunday 10/25/2020

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“Triple Crown” (Time)

“Triple Crown”

For Time:

3,000 Meter Assault Bike

30 Single Dumbbell Box Step-ups

30 Power Cleans

17 min TIme Cap


1500m Row or 1200m Run

RX+-70/50#, 24/20″, 135/95#

RX -50/35#, 24/20″, 115/75#

50-59-35/20#, 20/16#, 95/65#

60+ -20/15#, 16/11″, 75/55#

Basics-750m, Row, 30 Step Ups, 30 PC w/PVC/BB

* Finishing out the week with a 3-station chipper workout

* While there are two weightlifting movements and one cardio movement, you’ll likely spend just as much time on the cleans and step-ups as you did on the bike

* We expect this piece to take between 10-15 minutes to complete


* How to change the Assault Bike to meters:
Step 1: Begin by hard resetting the bikes computer. This action is achieved by holding down the ‘STOP’ button until you hear a beep.
Step 2: Push down the START and ENTER buttons simultaneously until the display reads the word ‘DISTANCE’.
Step 3: Press the UP/DOWN arrows to display the ‘KILOMETERS’ reading (instead of miles) and press ENTER.

* See all the way down the page for Assault Bike “”modifications””


* You can hold the single dumbbell wherever is most comfortable during this station (hang, shoulder, goblet)

* This should be a challenging weight, but one that allows for at least 10 reps at a time (3 sets total)

* Alternate legs every rep for a total of 15 each side

* Finish on top of the box with the body at full extension


* Choose a weight here that you could could cycle for 12+ unbroken reps when fresh

* Within the workout today, we’re looking for very fast singles or quick sets

* To put a number to it, this should be a station you can finish in about 3 minutes (10 reps on the minute)