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Monday 04/19/2021

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* The name really says it all. This one will stay with you!

* We are looking at a 12-18 minute workout.

* Rounds will average between 2:00-3:00.

* Scoring – total time to complete the workout.


* Pick a number that can be performed in 3 sets and under 1:00

* To do all 15 reps of this workout, we recommend that your athletes should be able to do 10 consecutive C2B pull-ups.


* The Assault Bike is a very polarizing movement.

* Smaller/lighter athletes, who are very fit, still may need to scale back the number of calories.

* The time spent on the bike should fall between :30-1:00

* If you’re short on Assault Bikes, have half the group start on the C2B and the other half on the Thruster. Alternatively, start athletes on different stations (1/3 on C2B, 1/3 on Assault Bike, 1/3 on Thrusters). As a reminder, please follow your gyms personal COVID regulations.

* Conversions for the rower, bike erg, and ski erg can be found under ‘Modifications’.


* Heavy enough to make your athletes just not want to, but they can.

* Athletes can pick a load that would push 1-3 sets across all rounds

“Acid Refulx” (Time)

“Acid Reflux”

5 Rounds For Time:

15 Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups

12/9 Calorie Assault Bike

9 Thrusters

18 min Time Cap


Rower 20/15, 200m Run


RX -95/65#, Chin over bar

50-59 -75/55#, Jumping PU

60+- 65/45#, Ring Rows,

Basics-8 RIng Rows, 8/6 Cal on Rower,

5 Thrusters w/ PVC/BB


Tempo Front Squats (10 E2MOM x 3)

3 Seconds Down + 3 Seconds Hold

Tempo Front Squats (10 E2MOM x 3)

3 Seconds Down + 3 Seconds Hold

Tempo Front Squats (10 E2MOM x 3)

3 Seconds Down + 3 Seconds Hold

Tempo Front Squats (10 E2MOM x 3)

3 Seconds Down + 3 Seconds Hold

Tempo Front Squats (10 E2MOM x 3)

3 Seconds Down + 3 Seconds Hold

Sunday 04/18/2021

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* Sunday Vibes with a classic CrossFit.com benchmark…with a twist. We added a run. And some load 😉

* Classic “Annie” can take anywhere between 6:00-10:00 (and closer to 5:00 for some wizards). When we add five ‘loaded’ 200m runs to the equation, we can safely add at least another 5:00-7:00. So, this workout will fall somewhere between 12:00 and 16:00.

* We have 150 Double-Unders (higher skill) and Sit-Ups (low skill), as well as 1000m Run (or .6 miles). Lots of grunt work to tackle.

* Keeping a rigid body position with loose shoulders and soft knees, will help your athletes have more control on the rope. They control the rope, the rope does not control them.

* Encourage your athletes to keep the elbows tucked in. The further the elbows move away from the body, the shorter the rope becomes and will require the athlete to bend the knees in order for the feet to clear the rope.

* Coach your athletes to not collapse the chest at the top of the sit-up.

* For the run, have athletes hold the ball in a place that will give the shoulders a rest. This will be challenging as the ball is awkward.

“Annie on the Run” (Time)

“Annie on the Run”

For Time:



Abmat Sit-Ups

*After every round, complete a 200m

run carrying a medicine ball

16 min Time Cap

RX+-Same as RX




Basics -25-20-15-10-5 Single Unders

Sit Ups, no MB Run

Saturday 04/17/2021

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* What a perfect Saturday workout! A good ole “dig deep and get your elbows dirty” kind of workout. Get the work done!

* We are looking to shoot between 18:00-24:00 for total time to complete both parts.

* Row 2000m = 7:00-9:00 (for both genders)

* 10 Rounds of “The Chief” = 10:00-15:00

* Doing 3 Power Cleans at 155 is very different to doing 30 Power Cleans at 155, AND after a 2000 meter Row. Not to mention, it’s Day 6 of a tough week.

* There is no time cap. Work relentlessly to scale appropriately to meet the intend stimulus. 😉

* Row 2000m: We want our athletes to push, but must remind them that a max-effort attempt at a PR, may not be the smartest decision. After all, it is only one part of the workout. Guide your athletes to back-off the intensity during the last 200m so they can recover before starting “The Chief”. The goal is to get a fast time overall, not just on the 2k.

* 10 Rounds of “The Chief” It is often said that this workout is all about the push-ups, so it would make sense to coach your athletes to take minimal rest when moving from push-ups to squats, and squats to power clean. Yes, it is only 6 push-ups, but they come around so fast that they will fatigue quicker than you think.

“Fish out of Water” (Time)

“Fish Out of Water”

For Time:

2,000 Meter Row

10 Rounds of “The Chief”

1 Round of “The Chief”:

3 Power Cleans

6 Push-Ups

9 Air Squats

24 min Time Cap


Bike 4000m or Run 1 mile





1500 Row, 8 Rounds of Chief

Basics-1000m Row 6 Round Chief PVC/15# 3 HPC, 5 PU on knees, 7 Air Squats

Friday 04/16/2021

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* 2 rounds of joy. And, helllllooooooo Muscle-Up! We have missed you. We will spend ample time in the Specific Warm-Up re-familiarizing ourselves with the Muscle-Up. If our athletes have not been on the rings for a while, encourage them to err on the side of selecting an easier variation such as strict pull ups or ring rows and jumping dips. We do not need to force fitness.

* The ‘Time Stimulus’ will fall between 12:00-18:00

* Each movement will take between ~1:30-3:00, but that doesn’t mean our athletes scale to meet 3:00 for each movement. That would put us in a longer time domain than we are looking for.

* We will need to modify load and reps to achieve the sweet spot today!

* The Deadlift calls for a moderate loading (225/155) for 60 reps combined. To perform this movement with the prescribed loading, an athlete must be able to perform at least 20 consecutive reps with all Deadlift points of performance present. This is a non-negotiable. A rounded back is a recipe for disaster later in life, and in the present moment.

* There is a lot of shoulder work in this workout. Breaking up the reps so that we attack the next movement quicker is not a bad strategy. For example, coming off the Wall Balls into the Muscle-Ups or variation, suggest that athletes don’t push fatigue the first set of Wall Balls. Stopping at 30 ror 35 reps, may just give the shoulders and heart rate enough time to recovery before hitting the Muscle-Ups.

* This is very individual, but spend sometime offering insight into how going to fatigue may not be the best line of action early on. Save that burst for the second round.

“Napalm” (Time)


2 Rounds for Time

10 Muscle Ups

20 Bar-Facing Burpees

30 Deadlifts

40 Wallballs

18 min Time Cap

RX+-225/155, 20/14#, 10/9′

RX-10 Strict Pull Ups 185/135#, 20/14#, 10/9′

50-59-10 Ring Rows+10 Jumping Dips

155/105#, 14/10#, 10/8′

60+-10 Ring Rows+10 Jumping Dips

135/95#, 10/6#, 10/8′

Basics-1/2 all reps. 10 Jumping Pull Ups

Light BB, 6/4# WB 9/8′

Thursday April 15, 2021

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For Load


Bench Press*

:30 Seated L-Sit between sets


* HEAVY DAY!!!! Today, we bench!

* Don’t worry if you don’t have enough benches for everyone, we can dumbbell floor press, or share equipment so long as we are following the correct cleaning protocols. We have time between sets. This is not for time.

* We have 26 total reps! Log all lifts. They all count!

* The goal is to build in load and achieve a heavy double by set 4 or 5. When we re-visit the reps of 4 and 6, we can look to lift a little more than the first two sets.

* If the athlete fails a set, the set still counts as a set.

* Fun day! Let’s get strong and give the legs a little rest (just a little one).

* After bracing the body, athletes should control the bar down, but this doesn’t mean slow. Too slow would add an unnecessary tempo/eccentric aspect to the lift. Controlling a slow negative is not required for this lift.

* Elbows will fall at ~45 degree angle relative to torso. This angle creates a smoother lift and places the shoulder in a stronger and more natural position.

* On the drive up, encourage athletes to drive through their heels and push through the palm of the hand, not fingers. It is ideal to have the load stacked over the forearm vs. in the fingers.

6: Bench Press

L Sit (No Measure)

Accumulate a total of :30 hold time

4: Bench Press

L Sit (No Measure)

Accumulate a total of :30 hold time

2: Bench Press

L Sit (No Measure)

Accumulate a total of :30 hold time

2: Bench Press

L Sit (No Measure)

Accumulate a total of :30 hold time

2: Bench Press

L Sit (No Measure)

Accumulate a total of :30 hold time

4: Bench Press

L Sit (No Measure)

Accumulate a total of :30 hold time

6: Bench Press

L Sit (No Measure)

Accumulate a total of :30 hold time

Ab Barbell Roll Out (No Measure)

Ab Barbell Roll Out x 30

Not for Score


Wednesday 04/14/2021

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* We have some max-ish effort interval training today! We are looking for folk to put their pedal to metal in every round.

* The overall “working out” time is between 8:00-12:00 depending on how fast each interval is completed.

* We want our athletes to aim for sub-2:00 rounds, giving at least 1:00 of rest before starting the next round.

* This workout is scored by adding up the total time it takes to complete a round. For example:

* R#1: 1:45 + R#2: 1:50 + R#3: 1:50 + R#4: 1:45 + R#5: 1:40 = Total Time: 8:50 (Score)

* Box Jump Over: If stepping off the box, once the athlete gets to the other side, suggest they breathe while turning around. Once facing the box, jump straight away. For athletes moving quickly over the box, cue them to stay low over the box and land in a position (facing the box) that enables a quicker next rep.

* DB Front Squat: If load allows, athletes should Squat Clean the first rep and stay smooth across all reps. A :1-:2 pause at the top may be the right call for some. Be sure to check in on the foot width of your athletes. A narrow stance could limit depth and keeping an upright torso.

* Calorie Row: Go time! Smooth on the chain, with a higher stroke rate per minute 30+ This will mean punching the hands back towards the knees quicker than normal. Remind your athletes that going fast doesn’t mean moving poorly. At the Catch Position, do not let the chest collapse onto the thighs. During the Drive Phase, push back with legs like a piston.

“Rugrats Gone Wild” (5 Rounds for time)

“Rugrats Gone Wild”

Every 3:00 x 5 Rounds

9 Box Jump Overs

12 Dumbbell Front Squats

15/12 Calorie Row


12/8 Cal Bike or 200m Run

RX+-Double DB 50/35#, 24/20″

RX-Single DB 35/20#, 24/20″

50-59-Single DB 20/15#, 20/16″

60+-Single DB 15/10#, Step Ups, 12/8 Cal Row

Basics-7 Step Ups, 9 10/8# DB FS

12/8 Cal Row

Tuesday 04/13/2021

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* Another sweet spot for high intensity! 12-18 mins.

* Movement Functions: Run, sit-up, pull from the ground and press overhead.

* Seemingly different movements, but be careful, as all three movements require a lot of hip flexion and extension, while stabilizing the trunk. Ouch!

* Run = ~1:45-2:15 // Sit-Ups = 1:00-2:00 // C&J = 1:00-2:00

* 1 Round = ~4:00-5:00 (if we are at 6:00 for the first round, we are missing the mark on the intention).

* Loading: Moderate – this tells us we could go unbroken for the 12 C&J, but will likely break into 2-4 sets.

* Overhead Medball Abmat Sit-Up: Don’t be fooled by these! They will tax your midline more than you think. Loading: light (i.e., 14-lbs and under) We don’t want to overly fatigue the arms.

* Depending on the level of capacity in these three movements, the workout will require more effort in some areas over others. Identify the weaker areas in your athletes, motivate them to focus on quality movement in those areas, and push harder/go faster in the stronger areas.

* Good news!! Grip will be relatively fresh after running and sit-ups, so big, strong sets are very appropriate. Unbroken isn’t a must, BUT be mindful of how much rest is being taken between sets. Push your athletes to pick up the bar a little sooner than they would like. They’ll love you for it 😉

* This is not a day for singles from the very start. The rep count per round is low and the loading is moderate. Athletes should use a load that allows for at least 8-10 consecutive and beautifully looking reps when fresh. Technique will likely not improve with fatigue.

“This Little Gym Piggy” (Time)

“This Little Gym Piggy”

3 Rounds For Time:

400 Meter Run

24 Overhead Medball Abmat Sit-Ups

12 Clean and Jerks

18 min Cap


500m Row

RX+-135/95# 14/10#

RX-95/65# 10/6#

50-59-75/55# 6/4#

60+-65/45#, Ab Mat Sit Ups

Basics-200m Run, Ab Mat Sit Ups

PVC/15# CJ


Lil’ Upper Body Pump (No Measure)

Empty Barbell Rows


*Not for measure