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Monday 07/19/2021

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This is a 20:00 AMRAP.

Category: Pacer – Long duration workouts like ‘Pacers’ require us to really think about how we will approach the workout to maximize our ability over these longer time domains and higher-volume workouts

We are looking fall between a 5:00-6:00 round. 7:00 may creep in, but shouldn’t be the average.


40 Wall Balls should take ~1:30-2:00 in 2-4 sets. Unbroken isn’t off the cards for Wall Ball ninjas and this will be closer to 1:00.


30/24 should take ~1:30-2:00. We suggest staying close to 1:30. This should feel like a recovery pace, but not easy.


20 Toes-to-Bar should take ~1:30 in 2-4 sets.


10 heavier DB Snatches should take ~1:00.


As we will be using the Rower to recover, we can push a little harder on the Wall Ball.

“Pushing a little harder” is athlete dependent, so set a challenge for yourself for every round (i.e., 30-10; 25-15; 20-10-10).

Try to minimize the number of breaks across the 40 reps.

Break the TTB early and think about the time it takes to complete 20 reps vs. how many sets.

More sets = more rest. More rest adds up.

With a heavier DB, we recommend switching at the bottom vs. overhead. Be methodical from rep to rep. Set up tight and respect the load.


“Beach Ball” (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)



40 Wallballs

30/24 Calorie Row

20 Toes to Bar

10 Alt Dumbbell Power Snatches


24/18 Cal Bike or 400m Run

RX+-70/50#, 20/14# 10/9′

RX –50/35#, 20/14#, 10/9′

50-59-35/20#, 14/10#, 10/8′

60+ -20/15#, 10/6#, 20/8′

Basics-10 AMRAP, 20 WB, 12 Cal, 10 Sit Ups, 6 Alt DB Snatches

Sunday July 18, 2021

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19:00 workout (including the rest periods)

15:00 of total workout time

This workout is all about the Shuttle Run.

It takes a special kind of person to push hard on a Shuttle Run.

The grind of run-turn-run-turn is challenging both mentally and physically.

Be ready to go to “THAT” place.

We also have 100m of Goblet Lunges (total), which will definitely affect the legs.


The difference between a slow lunge and fast lunge equates to 2-3 shuttle runs per round.
The difference between coming out hot in the first round and bombing the later rounds, versus starting at an ~85% effort and increasing across, could mean an additional 5+ Shuttle runs per round.
Be in control of the Lunge. Find a strong Rack Position!


“Try to Sprint Intervals” (5 Rounds for reps)


AMRAP 3 x 5 Rounds:

20m Goblet Lunge

Max 10m Shuttle Runs

in Time Remaining

Rest 1:00

**Score is total Shuttle Runs





Basics-10m Lunges (no weight)

Saturday July 17, 2021

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This is a 14:00-18:00 workout. But, we may get some fast finishers around ~13:00.

It will feel like a TTB workout for most. Scaling reps will be encouraged, so we don’t spend too much time staring at the pull-up bar.

The grip of the Deadlift into the TTB, and from TTB into the Row will be a factor.

Don’t be fooled by the “lighter” barbell, we have a lot of reps to tackle (72 reps total).

For scaling loads and reps, think about a load and rep scheme that can be cleared in 2-3 sets across each movement.

This workout is scored by the time it takes to complete the workout.


A descending rep scheme should shave off :30 each time. Starting at 27 = ~1:30-2:00, then 21 = ~1:00-1:30, 15 = :40-1:00, and 9 = :20-:30. The loading on the Deadlift should feel light and easy to move.


The same is almost true for the TTB if proficient at TTB. If not, today we should pick a rep scheme that allows for 2-4 sets across all sets or a scale such as hanging knee raises or sit ups.


27/21 Cals = ~1:30. Like most times, recovering on the Row is encouraged, until the very last one where we turn and burn!


Break the Deadlifts in 2-3 sets to save grip for TTB.

Break the TTB into 2-4 sets to prepare for more TTB in later rounds.

The Row should take around 1:30-2:00. This will put us between ~900-1300 cals/per hour.

Rowing for calories shouldn’t changed the technique, but it will require a more concentrated effort.

“Bunions” (Time)


For Time:



Toes to Bar

27/21 Calorie Row

20 min Time Cap

Subs – 20/15 Cal Bike or 400m Run

RX+-Same as RX


50-59-105/75#, Hanging Knee Raises

60+-95/65#, Sit Ups

Basics- 21-15-9 DL w PCV/BB, Sit Ups, Row

Friday 07/16/2021

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18:00-28:00 workout.

Category: PACER – Longer duration workouts. Like Pacers require us to really think about how we will approach the workout too maximize our ability over these longer time domains and higher volume workouts

We have 9 total rounds of “Cindy” (45 Pull-Ups/90 Push-Ups/135 Air Squats), 27 moderately loaded Clusters, and a 1-Mile run to finish.

There is a fair amount of volume to tackle in a relatively short period of time.
We said it before, and it’s appropriate to say it again…this one is SPICY!!


3 Rounds of Cindy should take between 2:00-4:00

Choose variations that allow for one break on pull-ups and 1-2 fast breaks on push-ups


12 Clusters should take between 1:00-2:00

9 Clusters should take between :45-1:30

6 Clusters should take between :30-1:00

Mile Run

1 Mile should be completed under 9:00


Choose movement variations for “Cindy” that let us move quickly through each set of 3 rounds.

An aggressive attempt at the “Cindy’s” may have a “point of no return” on your clusters…take it easy.

The grindy part of this workout will be when we meet the barbell.

Moderate Clusters can be completed as fast singles, if needed. But, this is choice for strategy, not because the loading is too heavy.

Treat the Run as a finisher!

Save some mental fortitude to dig deep on the last half mile! Running is fun 😉


“Press Pause” (Time)


For Time:

3 Rounds of “Cindy”

12 Clusters

3 Rounds of “Cindy”

9 Clusters

3 Rounds of “Cindy”

6 Clusters

Rest 2 Minutes

1 Mile Run

**Score total time w/ rest

30 min Time Cap


5 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

15 Air Squats

Subs:-2000/1800m Row



50-59-95/65#, Jumping Pull Ups

60+-75/55#, PU on Knees, Ring Rows

Basics- 1 Round Cindy, PU on knees, Ring

Rows. Cluster w/ PVC/.BB

Thursday 07/15/2021

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15:00-20:00 workout
Category: Threshold
This is a shoulder-burner bookended with a bike leg pump.
The Double Under to HSPU to Double Under centerpiece will be a “fun” journey.
Once you hit the Bike/Row/Run on the back-end…finish strong!
REMINDER: We will start every minute (starting at 0:00) with 6 Dumbbell Power Snatches. GAME-CHANGER!


The Bike/Row/Run should take 1:30-2:00
The workout begins and ends here


100 Double unders should take 1:00-2:00
Two Sets of 100 double unders on either side of the HSPU today


30 Handstand push-ups should take 1:00-2:00
We only hit HSPU once today. Box HSPU are a good scale or if you are not comfortable getting upside down Dumbbell Push Presses can be used.


6 Dumbbell Snatches should take ~:15 that leaves ~:45 of work on the Bike/Row/Run, Jump Rope and HSPU, before having to return to it.
At the beginning of every minute we will complete 6 snatches


At the start of every minute, we perform 6 DB Snatches, which means we will only ever have (at best) ~:45 of time to chip away at the other movements.

Plan a realistic number of reps that can be completed within :40-:45.

The bike will elevate our heart rate, but try to breathe here and push the RPM’s to 90 on a lower damper.

The Double Unders will fatigue the shoulders, and with 30 Handstand Push-Ups following, before returning back to the Double Unders, we are in for some shoulder-loving. Take breaks!

The shoulders will have relief once back on the bike, and it’s a sprint to the end.

Know your limits, break the Double Unders and HSPU’s early and often.

Plan manageable, fresh and consistent sets.


“THE SPINS” (Time)


For Time:

30/24 Calorie Assault Bike

100 Double Unders (150 Singles)

30 Kipping Handstand Push-ups

100 Double Unders

30/24 Calorie Assault Bike

On the Minute: 6 Alternating

Dumbbell Power Snatches

22 min Time Cap


40/32 Cal Row or 400m Run



50-59-20/15#, Box HSPU

60+-15/10#, DB PP, 100 Singles

Basics-20 Cal Bike, 80 Jump Ropes, 20 DB Push Press or Box

Wednesday 07/14/2021

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10:00-15:00 workout
Category: Threshold
One round should take between 2:00-3:00.
The 3:00 range is an end-range, that may appear in last two rounds.
If the first round is 3:00, we will need to scale back.
The score is the total time is takes to complete the workout.


15 light-loaded Overhead Squats should take between :30-:60. This is a load that can be completed in 1-2 across all 5 rounds. When fresh, this load could be cycled 20+ times with relative ease.
The bar will be taken from the floor, not the rack (barring an injury).


12 Pull-Ups should take between :20-1:00. This is a rep scheme that can be completed in 1-3 sets across all 5 rounds. To do all 12 reps, an athlete should be able to clear 15 reps with ease, across multiple sets. 6 sets of 2 means that the rep scheme will be too high for today and reps should be reduced.


9 Burpee Box Jumps should take between :40-1:00. If one rep can be clear in 5-6 seconds consistently, we will clear 9 reps in under 1:00. If 1:00 isn’t possible, reduce the reps by 2 and/or lower the box height. Face the box on the Burpees.


Holding 2:00-2:30 rounds calls for an intelligent approach.

Even if we can clear 15 Overhead Squats consecutively, if it negatively impacts the Pull-Up, it may be smart to take one break on the Squats.

This quick break may give the arms just enough rest to keep the Pull-Ups a little fresher.

If Overheads Squats are a challenge, reduce the reps to 10 and/or reduce the load, and still break only once. Multiple breaks will suck the time away.

Break the Pull-Ups to save the shoulders. Options include: 10-2; 8-4, 6-6. If we need to break more than 4 times to clear the 12 reps, reduce the reps to 10 or 8, or opt for a scale

Nice and steady on the Burpee Box Jumps…until the last round! On the fifth round, it’s time to burn it down!!


Every :90 x 4 sets

1 Power Snatch + 3 Overhead Squats w/ :5 pause in the bottom

1 PS + 3 Pause OHS

1 Power Snatch + 3 Overhead Squats w/ :5 pause in the bottom

1 PS + 3 Pause OHS

1 Power Snatch + 3 Overhead Squats w/ :5 pause in the bottom

1 PS + 3 Pause OHS

1 Power Snatch + 3 Overhead Squats w/ :5 pause in the bottom

1 PS + 3 Pause OHS

1 Power Snatch + 3 Overhead Squats w/ :5 pause in the bottom


“Over the Edge” (Time)


5 Rounds For Time:

15 Overhead Squats

12 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

9 Burpee Box Jumps

17 min Time Cap

RX+-95/65#, 24/20″

RX-75/55#, 24/20″ Chin over bar

50-59-65/45#, 20/16″ Jumping PU

60+-55/35#, Step Ups, Ring Rows

Basics-8 OHS (PVC/BB) 6 Ring Rows, 4 Burpee Box Step Ups

Tuesday 07/13/2021

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21:00 workout

Category: Heavy Day

45 Deadlifts total

We will make a lift every 3:00

Goal: Lift heavy for the given reps. We do not need to push for a 3RM, but if it happens, fantastic!

Maintain a double overhand grip today. No mixed grips!! GAME CHANGER!!!!!


Build in load through the set of 3. Then try to lift more on the second sets of 5-7-9 than in the first sets.

Our heaviest lift should be the set of 3

Challenge for the day: Try to use the same weight we used on our set of 3 on our second set of 5


As the reps go down, the jumps between weights should be smaller.

We are aiming to lift more on our second sets of 9-7-5 than we did in the first sets

Keep the bar close!! Turn the knuckles down! Brace HARD before taking slack out of the bar and lifting!

Be prepared to drop the bar if the lift does not feel as though it belongs to you anymore.

Failed sets count.


Every 3 min



9: Deadlift

7: Deadlift

5: Deadlift

3: Deadlift

5: Deadlift

7: Deadlift

9: Deadlift



30:00 workout

Category: Sprint – Intervals

Every 3:00, we will alternate back and forth between 500/450m of Rowing and 400m of Running.

There are 5 sets of Rowing and 5 sets of Running (10 total rounds)

Score: Log time for all 10 rounds. Score is total sum time.

Goal: Complete each round in ~2:00 or under leaving ~1:00 to recover.

We are pushing today!!


A 500/450m Row should take between 1:40-2:00. If it will take any longer than 2:00, reduce the distance by 50-100m. The rest is important and needed.

The 450m female conversion is based on 90% of the male distance, which is a standard taken from differentials of Olympic male/female Rowers. We will use 90% as the CompTrain baseline going forward.


A 400m Run should take between 1:30-2:00 as well. The same applies as the Row, consider reducing the distance if 2:00 is not possible. Running faster, but a little shorter will be very effective.


“Alter Ego” (Time)


Every 3 Minutes x 10 Rounds:

[On the 0:00]: 500/450 Meter Row

[On the 3:00]:400 Meter Run

[On the 6:00]: 500/450 Meter Row

[On the 9:00]: 400 Meter Run

[On the 12:00]: 500/450 Meter Row

[On the 15:00]: 400 Meter Run

[On the 18:00]: 500/450 Meter Row

[On the 21:00]: 400 Meter Run

[On the 24:00]: 500/450 Meter Row

[On the 27:00]: 400 Meter Run